You don’t have to bundle your cable TV and internet if you don’t need both services. It all depends on what you want and what you are looking for while getting service. Bundling services can be a good option if you are looking to get both cable TV and internet service from one provider rather than getting one service from one provider and other services from another service provider.

If you bundle your cable TV and internet service that will help you in saving money but it’s not mandatory to get both the services. If you are looking to get just the cable TV service, you don’t need to get the internet service or if you are looking to get just the internet service, it isn’t mandatory to get the cable TV service as well. There are many companies which offer standalone internet and standalone cable TV service. You can pick any package as per your need and your entertainment budget.

Getting a bundle deal from one service provider can be a good option if you are looking for both services. If there are some people in your house who like to play games online and do streaming on YouTube or Netflix and then there are some people who like to watch sports and movies channels on TV, you can just bundle the cable TV and internet services and you will be getting better features with the bundle package at better prices.

There are many perks that you get with the bundle packages. The following are the perks that you will get if you bundle your services.

  • While getting any service, the first thing that we have in our mind is the budget that we need to keep and you try to get the service under that budget. With bundle deals, let’s say if you are bundling your cable TV and internet service, you will not be getting a discount on just the internet service, you will be getting a discount on the cable TV service. Some people want to have the home phone service as well, so if you add home phone service as well in your bundle, you will be getting a discount on the home phone service as well.
  • If you are getting a bundle deal, there will be some features and perks that you can get with just the bundle packages, not with the standalone service. There are many companies that offer free installation to those customers who get bundle packages. You get other discounts as well like free internet modem, free cable box, no activation charge, etc.
  • If you are bundling your service, you will get only one bill for both services.
  • With the bundle packages, you get better features with both internet and cable TV service. with the internet, you will get better download and upload speeds and with cable TV service, you will get more channels at better prices.
  • The best part of getting the bundle service is that if in the future you plan to move to another city or another place, you can just transfer the services and can save the installation charge at the new location and you can keep the same services you have at your current location.

There are many service providers which offer cable TV and internet bundle deals. If you plan to get a bundle package, the following are the best cable TV and internet bundle deals that you can get.

Windstream double play – Kinetic Gig Internet + Kinetic Basic TV

Windstream usually offers services via the DSL connection but if you are lucky, you might get services from Windstream via fiber connection. In this bundle with Windstream internet, you get downloading speed of up to 1000Mbps with no data limit, which means unlimited streaming and gaming. With this speed, you can do pretty much everything and can connect as many devices as you want and you will never face issues regarding your internet speed.

With the Kinetic basic TV, you get 29 channels that include the basic regular channels. With this package, one HD box would be free and you can get as many as you want to but for the other boxes, there will be a charge per month.

Windstream packages come with no contract so it will be month-to-month billing and a price lock-in of a year. You will be getting a $150 credit in billing if you order your services online. Windstream charges $74.99 per month for this bundle.

COX Bronze Duo

COX provides amazing cable TV, internet, home phone, and home security services to its customers and there are many packages offered by COX. If you are looking for bundles, the COX Bronze Duo is considered the best and the most economic package offered by COX with amazing features. COX provides services to its customer via coaxial cable lines.

With the internet services offered by COX, you will be getting a downloading speed of up to 150Mbps and there will be a data limit of 1Tb which is kind of unlimited. If you exceed the allocated data, you can always get more data but that will cost you some bucks.

With the cable TV service offered by COX, you will be getting 220+ channels and that will include all the basic regular channels.

COX packages come with a year or two-year contract. You can go without the contract as well but there will be an extra charge if you want a package without the contract. COX charges $89.99 for this package per month.

Summing it up

If you need both cable TV and internet service, you should surely get a bundle package as that will save you a good amount of money, but if you want a standalone service, you can get one for sure.


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