Google launched a new app Google Voice Access app which allows users to control their smartphone completely by voice commands. The app is in beta stage, and the beta version is available on the Play Store. You can also download Google Voice Access App from the link below. Google Voice Access app is useful for users with disabilities or for those who have difficulty in operating the touch screen. You can use the app to navigate the screen, scrolling the page, open an app, type and edit documents and more. Google also launched an ‘Accessibility Scanner‘ which can quickly analyse the apps for accessibility issues. So Download Google Voice Access App to Control Your Phone With Your Voice.

Download Google Voice Access App

To use speech recognition Google Voice Access Beta App first, go to Setting–>Accessability and enable Voice access. Once the Voice Access app enabled, you can control your device with your voice. You can also start the Voice Access app from any screen on your Android device by just saying the “OK Google” followed by “Start Voice Access”. Beta program in playstore is limited for some users and testers via signup process, but you can Download Google Voice Access App from below to test on your device now.

Voice Access beta app

The Google Voice Access accessibility features mentioned on Google official blog:

We recently launched Voice Access Beta, an app that allows people who have difficulty manipulating a touch screen due to paralysis, tremor, temporary injury or other reasons to control their Android devices by voice. For example, you can say “open Chrome” or “go home” to navigate around the phone, or interact with the screen by saying “click next” or “scroll down.”

We download Google Voice Access App and use it for some time, and the response was fast, and the app is easy to use. You don’t have to remember any commands, just start the voice access beta app and the floating numbers shown on every portion of your screen to identify apps and menu options. So you have to say just numbers instead of complete commands. You can also use the following commands such as “Open Chrome”, “go back”. “go home”, “edit text”,  “click next”, or “scroll down” to navigate the device with Google Voice Access App.

Google Voice Access beta app

You can download voice access beta from PlayStore but for now, you can’t get the app because they have enough testers for now. But if you want to test it now Download Google Voice Access App from below link.

Google Voice Access App

Download Google Voice Access App for Android –

Download Google Voice Access App for Android – PlayStore

Download Google Voice Access Beta App for Android – Mirror

So Download Google Voice Access App for Android and share it with your friend.


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