Google Voice Recording

Recording incoming calls is very easy on any modern-day device, especially Android and iOS smartphones. Google Voice is a free tool that can help you review past conversations or important business interviews. Enabling it takes only a couple of minutes and can be achieved by following a few simple steps:

Review a Phone Call

  1. If you already have a Gmail account, simply log in through it. Otherwise, you’ll need to open one for free.
  2. For the first time Google Voice users, you’ll need to set up a new phone number and agree to Google’s conditions.
  3. Afterward, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner represented by a cogwheel.
  4. Go to the ‘Calls’ tab from the menu.
  5. Find the ‘Call Options’ field, which should be unchecked by default, and click on the checkbox to enable call recording.
  6. When you receive and answer a phone call, press the ‘4’ key on your Numpad to start or stop the recording.

Every recorded call is saved directly to Google’s servers. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing a crucial detail in a business-related phone call or any other valuable conversation. The length of the audio file has a maximum limit of up to three hours. Although you can go through and listen to any file, finding a specific piece of information can be very difficult, especially if you don’t know the exact time at which it was spoken. Fortunately, there’s an audio to text converter online that can fix these problems in no time.

Improving Efficiency with Audext

Audio to text transcription service was developed with a single goal in mind – to save you precious time and help you analyze audio recordings, especially calls, by converting them into a readable text format. Even though it might seem like a simple tool at first glance, there are countless quality-of-life features and customization options that will help you extract the wanted data as quickly as possible. Transcription is automated, and with this step-by-step process, you’ll see just how easy it is to initiate it.

  1. Create an account with a username and e-mail address or sign up quickly through Gmail.
  2. After uploading, transcription will take a different amount of time depending on the recording length.

Clicking on any specific word will set the in-built audio player to the time when it was spoken, which can help you check the accuracy. Also, since there’s an integrated speaker identification feature (which prompted you to type the names of the speakers before the upload), your search for specific information will take less than half the time. Phone call business disputes are easily evaluated and sorted out when you know the word for word what was spoken. Also, there is no chance for confusion since words are correlated to their corresponding speakers.

Audext supports 11 different audio formats and has a very high file size limit of 300MB, which is going to be more than enough for even those hour-long calls. A 5-minute duration audio file takes around 40-50 seconds to convert, so even when in a hurry you won’t have to wait for more than a couple of minutes. Furthermore, it’s all done in a browser, which means you can directly upload the recording and get a transcription from your mobile phone when you’re on the go.

Along with time, Audext highly values your money. For this reason, it’s been made easily affordable for everyone, whether you’re a student or a businessman. Pricing plans are either per hour or monthly, ranging from $7.99 per hour up to $13. To help gain your trust, there’s a 30-minute free trial for new users that requires no credit card information and works just as it would when paid for.

If you have an important call to review – waste no more time and let Audext do the hard work for you.


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