The pandemic has hit all activities seriously, and esports is no exception. Most of the major events have been postponed or canceled. Yes, matches can still be played online, but the excitement and interest of the audience in such confrontations are dropping. Nevertheless, esports is still an important part of the culture and attracts millions of viewers and players from all over the world.

It is a pity that we can’t compete in older games like Mario Carts or Pokemon. However, it is still great to remember them once in a while and play some of the favorites. You can download Gameboy color games and many others and spend a great time with your friends!

Most Popular Games and Sportsmen

Introducing the TOP-5 Esports Disciplines in 2020

We assessed the disciplines by the total prize fund played out over the year, as well as by the number of regular and irregular viewers on broadcasts, and further from this, we determined the places of games in the rating.

1. League of Legends

In the first place in our rating is the League of Legends. It deserved it for a long time, but small prize money constantly hindered it. However, in 2020 the competition dropped significantly, and it was able to take the well-deserved first place. The prize money in the game is completely controlled by Riot Games and the million-dollar drop is essentially caused only by MSI’s cancellation. Otherwise, all tournaments and competitions in the game went as planned.

2. CS: GO

Good old CS was able to climb the 2nd line this year. But it looks especially funny against the background of the fact that it lost in each of the indicators provided, and Valve also canceled the main tournaments of the year.

3. Arena of Valor

This year the game attracted fewer people, but due to the general drop in the number of viewers, it was still able to improve its place in the rankings. The game also received an additional $3.7 million in prize money.

4. PUBG Mobile

We separated the mobile version from the main one and it immediately managed to break into the top four this year. Overall, mobile gaming has experienced a strong upswing in the esports industry this year, and PUBG Mobile is no exception.

5. Dota 2

Dota 2 showed similar results with Fortnite this year. It also canceled all official tournaments and, as a result, the record prize pool and a huge number of viewers who watched the International and Major tournaments disappeared from the game.

Most Popular Games and Sportsmen

Top 5 Millionaires from Different Esports Games

The total ten of the most successful esportsmen in terms of the amount of prize money won turned out to be 100% from Dota 2. But other games also bring in millions to the best of the best.

  1. Johan “N0tail” Sundstein – Dota 2, $6.9 million

The most titled player in Dota and, quite logically, the champion in prize money. 

  1. Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf – Fortnite, $3.1 million

How to become a millionaire at 16? Play Fortnight six to eight hours five days a week. At least Kyle Giersdorf from Pennsylvania had this secret of success.

  1. Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen – CS: GO, $1.8 million

Danish Astralis is the most successful CS: GO team in history. 

  1. Lee “Faker” Sang Hyuk – League of Legends, $1.3 million

League of Legends legend, Faker won the World Championship with the Korean T1 team in his debut pro season. Faker is currently a three-time world champion and has won MSI twice more.

  1. Ian “Crimsix” Porter – Call of Duty, $1.1 million

Ian became the most successful Call of Duty player back in 2015, and since then has only strengthened his status as the main star of CoD. 


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