Users are becoming more and more demanding of the content posted on the sites.  Animated and interactive components get a lot more attention than standard text boxes and basic tools.  To improve the quality of content and attract the audience, videos, animated images, buttons and other elements are used.  The first option is not always possible: sometimes the video weight is too large, which slows down the page loading, in other situations this format is simply inappropriate.

Animation for websites is a great way to diversify content, make it “alive”, and present information in a different way.  Animation refers to pictures on which something moves.  In this article we will tell you in what ways such images are made.

Many people are very fond of using explainer video for their sites, which explains in detail about the company.  Ordering 60 second videos by Explain Ninja would be one of the best options.  Since it is the specialists who will be able to create something of high quality and unique.

Online video marketing has the potential to increase sales and conversions.

Nowadays, every professional looking business website needs an animated explainer video.  And what better way than cartoon video?

Why do many people love cartoon explainer videos?  First of all, they are cute and funny.  No matter how serious the business is, these cute cartoon business videos have a very special way of establishing relationships and building bridges between customers and companies.

Animated explainer videos can boost your landing page conversion rate by up to 100%.  After embedding the animated video, some of the site owners noticed that their conversion rate increased from 6.5% to 13%. Animated videos can make your customers much more confident in their online buying decision.

Process of production video

It is not very easy to produce such videos.  This requires a serious approach and special knowledge.  However, there is always an opportunity to make the task easier.  Also here.  You can just order an explainer video from specialists.  And then you can be 100% confident in the quality of the video.

Step 1: choose the type of video

Some people think that creating even a small video for a business is prohibitively expensive.  They probably had a bad experience, as this is not necessarily the case.  You just need to research the options available to you.

There are various types of explainer videos, and some of them are made with inexpensive hardware and software.  Even for scenes with real actors, you can find a local production company or hire an aspiring director.  The quality will be up to par, and the services will be affordable for you.

Step 2: write the script, prepare the storyboard

Once you’ve decided on the type of explainer video, start scripting and planning the visuals using a storyboard.  Even if the script is just one paragraph and the storyboard contains only one scene, planning ahead can help solidify your vision, clarify what is and isn’t needed for production, and make sure your message is compelling.

Step 3: find the location

If you are filming a video with the participation of people, then a location that is of particular importance for the company is suitable for you – an office, a workshop at a factory, a laboratory, etc.  It is desirable that the location reflects the niche.  We are used to the fact that lawyers appear against the backdrop of shelves with books, musicians hold their instruments in their hands, and doctors perform medical manipulations.

Start the video with yourself (or your character).  It is important that the audience is able to hear you.  Choose a place that is as quiet as possible.  Just stand up, close your eyes and listen.  Can you hear the hum of cars through the window?  Or maybe a working refrigerator?  Or the hum of an air conditioner?  Trust me, you don’t want to deal with these issues in post-production (i.e. editing).  Figure out how to reduce as much noise as possible while still shooting.

Step 4: prepare video equipment

You don’t need the most fashionable camera in the world.  Most cameras nowadays shoot in high definition, which is enough for watching videos on the Internet.

If you probably have a camera, then not everyone has a high-quality microphone.  You should definitely rent (or buy) this item.  The microphone built into your camera simply won’t pull it.  Perhaps you’ve seen the photos from the set of one of the crew members holding a furry object a few inches taller than the actors?

Step 5: shoot your video

Before the main character of the shooting begins to speak, examine him again.  Makeup should look neat, hair should be styled, etc.  Evaluate every corner of the frame.  Found something distracting?  Take it away.

The speaker needs to repeat his speech at least five times.  We guarantee that it will not be the same the first or second time.  If you blur the shot, don’t try to continue – it won’t help the final editing process.  Pause, take a breath, and go back two sentences.  This will be enough to merge the frames later.


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