Plenty of the best Nintendo’s works have been featured by the GameCube. In this article, you will find out the best gamecube isos for your enjoyable leisure time.

Who cares that the GameCube is more than 15 years old? When we see the list of the most popular GameCube games, our hearts fill with sweet nostalgia-twinkling feelings. GameCube is the enigmatic fourth home console designed by Nintendo. It was one of the first consoles which delivered us some of the most remarkable video gaming experiences of all time. Nintendo’s little box was looking so bizarre. It was completed with a stylish handle and small discs that were holding a unique catalog of first and third-party titles.

Nowadays, we can still console ourselves with the ability to play our favorite Switch video games using a GameCube controller. We can’t claim that GameCube has the most video games, but the highest quality for sure. You can choose to play in Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Resident Evil. It is time to get started with the best GameCube games ever made.

Super Mario Strikers

This time, Mario and his numerous friends want to dominate such sports as tennis, golf, basketball, and baseball. The game is overloaded with the spirit of friendly competition. The atmosphere changes when the players of the Mushroom Kingdom enter the soccer pitch. The competition becomes more intense and aggressive. It is so unusual to see Mario gritting his teeth, letting completely alone brutishly shove Princess Peach into an electrified wall. The exterior of the game is quite tough, which has made Strikers stand out from the rest of Mario’s sports games. Anyways, you will enjoy the gameplay if you like to mix soccer with random violence.

Popular GameCube Games

Skies of Arcadia Legends

Skies of Arcadia Legends is the premier Dreamcast RPGs. You will definitely fall in love with Vyse, the main character, and his Blue Rogues. You will have to fight the evil Valuan Empire. Sega ported this excellent first-party RPG to the GameCube and gave it a new name known as Skies of Arcadia Legends. You will enjoy numerous epic battles. You will discover some minor new elements and a fresh coat of paint.

Popular GameCube Games


The game Ikaruga focus on duality. It gives players two distinct colors (black and white). You can absorb one color like-colored bullets, which can be stored for your own screen-clearing assault, while the other can be used for damaging numerous enemies of contrasting color. You will enjoy a flurry of black and white pellets, which are flying all the time across the screen. While playing this game, you are all the time in motion. You will see your eyes glazing over, and raw instinct takes over you. Ikaruga looks like a flowing art. The game is really amazing.

Beyond Good and Evil

Jade is the original photojournalist. She is the best at her job. The game “Beyond Good and Evil” has reached cult status among devoted gamers. When we speak about this game, you will see everything shining: the main characters, the storyline, the writing, graphics, and the sounds. The video game is perfect.

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

If you want to laugh a lot instead of playing a dangerous game, consider playing TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. It is the best choice for a good chuckle. On the advanced system bereft of the first-person shooters, Future Perfect does a fantastic job of demonstrating the genre. You will discover the fast-paced action, which joins forces with an excellent comedy factor. The creator of this game did his best to make the atmosphere of fun and enjoyment. In fact, it is precisely what video games are supposed to be, do you agree?

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

The series “Fire Emblem” is the most niche long-running Nintendo franchise of all times. You will like the traditional strategy gameplay, which is so addictive! This time Nintendo wanted to create a video game that did not take it easy on the player. You will deal with great difficulty and team member death. Once you try this game, you will never forget it!

Enjoy your time with retro games!


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