‘Happy wife, happy life’!

Are you cognizant of this quote? 

We are sure you would be, and it’s true by all means. From a businesses’ point of view, happy customers are happy wives that make their life happy.  That is why businesses try every tip and trick to keep the customers happy. However, some disappointment among customers always prevail. And, those customers use a phone call to pass on their displeasure. Almost half of the calls that call center software receives are about complaints and dissatisfaction. 

How to Calm Down an Unsatisfied Customer

If you are a call center employee, then you must know how annoying it is to deal with an angry customer whose blood is boiling. The worst part is you have to deal with them daily despite being highly taxing and stressful. Now, the burning question here is:

Can we ignore them? 

Not at all! We are living in a world where customers rule. They are the means of bread and butter for a business that can’t be overlooked at any cost. Almost 91% of unsatisfied customers never return to the same business. It is a huge number, and no business can afford to lose them. You need to device up strategies to deal and please them.

Here is how you can calm down angry customers and retain them for once and all – 

  • Be a good listener first. 

Before a better speaker, you must become a good listener. Your already agitated customer will become furious if you are trying to provide the solutions before listening to the actual problem. Studies have revealed that many times, just listening is required for calming down the situation. So, try to be a better listener. 

  • Patience is the key 

We know that it could be so never-reckoning when you have a caller shouting on the other side of the line. However, you need to be calm and patient throughout the process. Don’t let the agitation of the customer affect your composure. While you have an agitated caller on your call center software, make sure you maintain the calm and soft tone, listen to the concerns before giving the solutions and try to calm down by using reassurance words. 

  • Choose the right words. 

Words are the tools that can destroy or mend anything in this world. Right words can even calm down an agitated customer within minutes. Here are some of the kind and right words that can do wonder –

  • You did the right thing by communicating the issue to us.
  • I appreciate that you put forward the situation at the right time.
  • Feel free to reach out to us anytime in case you need further assistance.
  • It is my pleasure to provide you an immediate solution to your concern.

Make sure that you are using the right words at the right time. 

  • Avoid using the hold button 

Your customer is already furious. Putting him/her on hold for a long time can make things worse. That is why you mustn’t use the hold button so frequently. But, there are certain situations like call transferring or gathering relevant information that demand calls to be on hold for some time. 

Though these situations are unavoidable, you can make them pleasurable by using VoIP phone number. It comes with features such as on-hold music that enables a business to make call holding time pleasurable. You can set the music of your own choice. It can be a personalized message or soothing instrumental music. 

Don’t pick rock band and any sort of harsh music for the on-hold facility. This will make things worse. 

  • Don’t make them wait for long. 

Do you have a fuming customer on the line that is waiting for 5 minutes just to get his call picked? What would be the output? 

Your customer will be more agitated. Nothing on earth is as annoying as waiting for a call to be picked. Forget about fuming customers, long waiting time can even put off a pleased customer. 

Can you afford it? 

Of course not! 

In this case, it is wise to choose call center software which has features like auto call answer, call forward, and call distribution. All these features can reduce your customers’ call waiting to a great extent and help you to have a brigade of happy customers. 

For example, your call center software using US virtual phone number for New York (+1 212) can set endless call extensions. So, calls can be picked by any next available agent.  Also, auto transfers make sure that there is almost nil call waiting time. 

Wrapping up 

One irate customer can stop many new customers to reach you. So, don’t leave him but deal with him with the right tools and attitude. And live happily after. 


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