Do you want to make sure that you are able to keep an eye on the loved ones of yours? Well, there is a technology which is going to help you out with that in the best way. Yes, GPS Locating technology has really moved forward over the last few years and we have a few tools to show for it. One of the most important tools that people tend to use most of the time is GoFindMe.

Yes, this is a GPS tracker that most people tend to use. With this amazing tracker, you will be able to track anyone or anything in the best way. There are accurate details provided along with the location of the employees, family, and friends of yours for sure. In case your kids stay in different cities, you can use it to track their movement as well. So, this is a technology which can be of great use in the best way.

GoFindMe Review - A Real-Time GPS Tracker Works Without Cell Service

With the world flooding with crimes and so much more, this technology is definitely like a boon to the people with the SOS feature in it. This can actually be a great deal for sure. So, in this review, we are going to talk about the amazing features of GoFindMe in the best way.

GoFindMe Features

Here we are going to talk about some of the interesting features that the GoFindME tracker has. This is to ensure that you have some wonderful features by your side with this amazing tracker.

  • Real-time Location Tracking

You can easily track the movement of your friends and family with real-time tracking of location. Have a connection to each and every single member of the group in the best way.

Track each other instantly by real-time position, distance, direction, and trace display. Connect with your group and find every group member easily at all times.

  • Advanced Off-grid Communication Network

This is another feature that we love for sure. You can send locations, texts, messages that are pre-recorded to the people you have on your group and you don’t need to have a cell network for that.

  • One Button Emergency SOS

There is an SOS button in GoFindMe and you can send a proper emergency alarm to those people who are in the group when you are in extreme trouble.

  • Automatic Trace Record

Whenever there is a trace, it will be automatically saved on this tracker which can be used in order to find correct destinations the next time you go there. So, there is no risk of getting lost.

Traces are saved automatically, which helps you find the correct direction to go back to where you come from if you don’t remember the way going back, e.g. when hiking in the woods.

  • Set up Customized Safe Zone

You will be able to create a virtual circle and receive the alerts that have a flashing light along with some broadcasting options in case anyone has ever left the circle. This will ensure that no one wanders away too far.

  • Expand Communication Range by Mesh Network

All you have to do is turn on the Mesh setting on GoFindMe and you will be able to replay the different messages that you get from all the different members in case you are sharing locations or just sending the SOS message to them. So, you can connect moreover a proper distance.

  • Built-in Accurate GPS Module

This is another one of the amazing features that we think is pretty great for sure. There is an integrated GPS module that comes along with certain benefits that provide the option of independent location tracking in the best way.

  • Free Offline Maps

Not to mention that you are also going to get high-resolution offline maps which you can definitely use for sure. These maps could be either topographical or geographical in nature. This makes planning for trips a lot easier for sure. The paths are detailed with all the mentions and important points. You can also use this with AiBlue’s Car GPS Tracker.

  • Ultra-Portable

There is a convenient strap provided with the tracker which makes it pretty easy to use in the best way. Even the kids, as well as the pets, are not going to have any trouble in wearing it for sure. The size of the tracker is pretty small, lightweight, and compact so you can travel light easily.

  • Stable & User-friendly App

When you need to find a user-friendly and amazing tracker that has all the right benefits for the people out there, GoFindMe is the option that is going to seamlessly help you out. This tracker works with the companion Android or iOS app in the best way.


We have already established the fact that an amazing GoFindMe tracker is one of the best tools that you can use for location tracking and movement tracking as well. Don’t waste any more time and try this tracker right now to have benefits.


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