Having good communication practices in business is essential to the growth and lasting success of every organization; it can either make or mar it.

Business owners need to know how to effectively communicate with partners, associates, and staff, using practices and customs that have been used over time and proved useful. Beyond any advice we can give you, however, there really is no substitute for taking actual classes in person. If you are going to be communicating with lots of people you need to take the time to find the best public speaking classes NYC for your business.

These practices are in-depth, easy to learn, and they apply to all and every form of business

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Be Clear and Concise

It may sound like a cliché, but it is one of the best communication practices in business. You must be clear in the message you are trying to pass across to customers, staff, or associates.

Whether it’s selling a product or explaining the vision of your company, you have to use words that are unambiguous and concise. Don’t apply jargon that those you are communicating with won’t understand unless it is an industry term that they are all familiar with.

In communication, it’s better to over-explain, than to under-explain, and don’t ever assume that because a word is common in your industry and everyone is conversant with it. 

There might be someone who is a newbie and is hearing the word for the first time. So always ensure that you ask those you are speaking with if they have a clear understanding.

Be Informed About Your Audience

To be effective in business communication, you have to know your audience; note that the audience here does not necessarily mean a group of people. It can be an individual or two. 

Always asks the “Who” and “What” questions. Find out who you are addressing, what is their level of knowledge regarding the topic of discussion, and what are their needs and values. 

When you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to communicate and deliver to those you are addressing what they expect to hear from you.

In the words of Ken O’Quinn, “Frame your words in a way that it appeals to your audience, and it’s relevant to them.”

Talk Benefits, not Features

An excellent business communicator knows that whether it’s an internal memo or a sales brochure, people are more interested in the benefit of things, and features are part of the former.

When communicating, focus on the value of your product or services. There are a lot of products with similar features, so people are moving away from what’s evident, to what’s not, to communicate value always.

Daphne Gray-Grant, while writing for the Association of Business Communicators’ said that value generates excitement, and leads to business communication that produces the right impact.

Communicate with Multiple Channels

To ensure effective business communication, you can’t use one channel. Note that business communication, as discussed here, is not limited to a one-on-one discussion with a partner, colleague, or customer; it applies to adverts on your products or services.

To this end, use multiple channels, and words that are appropriate in passing your message through those channels. 

Not everyone is on social media, and not everyone reads newspapers, and some might never visit your website. So make sure to optimize your message based on the audience you have.

Be Approachable

If people don’t approach you to clarify a point, it’s one of two things. Either you are a clear and concise communicator, or you pass your message across in a way that throws people off.

Often, it’s the latter, and if your communication sends across the message that you are unapproachable, then you have to remedy it and fast. Being approachable is vital in business communication; it helps to get feedback from those you’re in business with and those who use your products or services.

Good Communication Practices is Key

It’s one thing to have a good business plan or product, and it’s another thing to communicate the ideas and values behind it effectively. Having excellent business communication practices will take you a step closer to achieving your goals, and deliver to you the desired results.


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