Technological innovations have been transforming various aspects of the film industry, from equipment used in the shooting to distribution, the way films are made and how the fanatics consume them.

The film industry is old, to be precise 120 years old, and since the first day and till the present day, numerous technologies have come and gone, with upgrades making the older versions obsolete. Technology has more or less impacted every factor of our lifestyle, for instance, transforming analog watches to best watches for men.

Groundbreaking Technologies Changing The Film Industry

Now we have come at the age where digital cameras are getting cheaper and smaller and our smartphones have become the recording medium, let us check us some technological innovations transforming the film industry.

After knowing these, you can even apply them in your projects and show the world your professional skills:

  • Smartphone film making gear

Wait for a few months or even days and you would find entire feature films getting shot in iPhones. Now the question is will the industry accept and embrace these filmmakers who are making the most of the smartphones? Yes, they will, and for this, the credit goes to innovative and feature-packed gears which transform the outcome in nothing inferior to professional film making. iPhone users take notes because now you can even shot entire films on your smartphone with the assistance of iPhone gimbals.

  • Autonomous drones

Yes, there are already plenty of drones out there in the market which is used for a host number of purposes. But the offerings of fully automated drones are something to reckon it, as it is a sensation, to say the least. Sentient drones which come with built-in knowledge and algorithms on everything required in film shooting, from screen position to viewing angles, are what we call autonomous drones.  These drones also aid in avoiding obstacles on the path and is infused with open source technology, so that there would be more drone cinematographers in the future.

  • Dual camera VR

According to the makers of this virtual reality project, when two eyes are better than one, why cannot this be true in case of VR?

To make this possible, Kickstarter has released its project named Two Eyes VR which focuses on binocular 360 viewing and recording, and too, together. Since in reality, we experience the world in this ay, we should be able to do this in virtual reality as well, right?

  • Drone Goggles

Drone goggles are the most futuristic-looking technological creation and undoubtedly they are a gadget of the future. At present, a ton of limitations can be found in the offerings, so we just have to wait for the future when everything gets better.

  • 3D printed gear

This sounds like something which is being done most of the time right? However, the unique thing about it is now you can 3D print your own gear. Although we can expect a day in the future when shipping gear would be obsolete, you can enjoy 3D printing lens rings, tripod plates, as of now.

Enjoy these and do not forget to incorporate these in the next chance you find!


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