Customer experience plays a vital role in the success of your webpage. One study found that if your web pages take more than one second to load, the bounce rate increases by 123%. To add to that, if your website is not optimized for multiple devices, it can cut your traffic by half.

UI UX company can play a significant role in how your website responds to different users and other devices. This is how the experts can help improve your customer experience.

CX Over UX

Most website makers emphasize user experience and focus on the site’s responsiveness, navigation, and design. Customer experience, on the other hand, is the overall customer satisfaction when interacting with your webpage. 

The focus is on customers’ perceptions and brand positioning. It can be said that UX can influence your CX immensely. A UI UX company can help you overcome any challenges you face in your CX and help improve your business.

User Personas

When you hire experts, they will begin by studying your users. How do they react to the different aspects of your website? What keeps them engaged? It helps them create user personas that outline their specific behaviors, personalities, and interests. 

Personas are created by keen observation and predict their expectations from your website. These user personas can help you optimize your website to match user expectations.

Create Rapid Prototypes

Once you know about your user expectations, UI experts will help create rapid prototypes to demonstrate the critical elements of your webpage. Lo-fidelity wireframes help study the layout, and hi-fidelity wireframes are the final website version that the users will experience.

Testing Prototypes

Once your prototypes are ready, a UX specialist will help test them for usability. They run A/B tests, heat maps, user acceptance tests, and focus groups. According to a Nielsen research report, you only need five users to give you valuable feedback about your site’s usability. 

Too many test subjects can give unrealistic results, and too few users can give you skewed results. Only experts will know the correct number of test subjects when testing prototypes.

Mapping Consumer Journey

Personas, prototypes, and testing allow you to map your consumer journey. Making it as smooth as possible is key to the success of your website. Creating a highly responsive website makes your customer experience seamless as your website will provide content based on their personas and browsing history.


Customer experience is not limited to UX alone. It is a combination of several aspects and can help increase your ROI when done right. According to a Nielsen report, you can improve your KPI performance by up to 83% by enhancing your user experience. Hiring a company can help you achieve this and more with ease and speed.

The business environment is highly dynamic, consumer-centric, and web-based. Therefore, your website plays a vital role in creating a company that has a competitive edge in a highly competitive marketplace. Hiring a UI UX company can make the journey fruitful. They will ensure that all the above steps make you stand out from the crowd.


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