Recently, consumers have rapidly embraced mobile shopping and in turn, both small and large companies have shifted to become more mobile focused as well. Tablets and smartphones have completely revolutionized the game for the eCommerce industry. Recent study showed that about 70% of consumers shop via their smartphones.

As a small business owner, how can you take advantage of the internet to grow your business? A few years back only few companies and businesses designed mobile sites or apps. However, today getting apps for business has become a necessity. In this article, we will list a few apps that will not only make mobile business easier, but also prove to be more useful for both business owners and consumers.

How Apps Are Helping Online Business Owners Including Photo Save Apps


WordPress is a great app and it recommended for business owners who are always on the move. Using this app, you can use a smartphone or a mobile device to update your website with blog posts, new photos, and breaking news. The social medial plugins in the app can be used to alert followers to new updates as soon as you publish them. WordPress is easy to use and it allows people who are not tech savvy to create websites that look like they were built by experts.


Facebook has gained popularity over time, and this social media platform has become one of the leading sites where small online business owners are promoting their products. Facebook is a great place to engage directly with consumers, give fast response on business fan page, boost brand awareness, and advertise sales. The other great feature about using Facebook is that it allows one to post photos of products and services being sold which helps to increase sales. When using Facebook to promote your business, ensure that you get an app for photo recovery just in case you lose your image files accidentally.

Shopify Mobile

Shopify Mobile app is designed to help business owners reach their customers on one platform. Using this app, a business can create new products, track sales adjust inventory, fill orders, and capture payments. Using powerful devices, one can receive new sales notifications and he or she can fill the order even while on the move. Being able to provide excellent customer service and deliver products to consumers quickly helps to promote business.


Today, both business owners and consumers are relying heavily on social media to provide and get product information, reviews and also engage directly. Hootsuite app allows businesses to follow what is happening on their social media feeds. In turn, they are able to quickly respond to questions and comments made by consumers and also use the same platform to engage with consumers. Having a well-developed social media presence can help a business do wonders and help generate repeat customers and cultivate a community. Hootsuite is also designed to schedule Facebook posts and tweets in advance, making it easy to manage your social media.

HubSpot Mobile

Do you need an app that can help you track, organize and nurture your business leads and consumers? HubSpot has got you covered. This app allows one to scan business cards. Using the live chat feature, a business owner can assist his or her customers whenever they need it.

Why You Need A Photo Save App

According to research, businesses that include imagery in their adverts attract more attention from consumers than those businesses that rely only on text. Most businesses have adopted the use of imagery to market their products. In order to come up with the perfect image in order to create a product label, one may have to take tons of photos- everything that can be photographed. 

The downside is when you have a lot of image files, but you know you cannot get rid of them since they may prove to be useful in future. What do you do with all those images? We will list some of the best photo save apps that you can use to help store and manage image files

If you are using a popular social networking app to promote your business, it means that you need to post stories, photos and videos. One unpleasant thing about these apps is that one does not have a guarantee that his or her stories and pictures will be saved forever. To fix this problem, you need to get a photo save app that will help you restore pictures if you lose them.

One of the top photo recovery software you can use is the iSkysoft Data Recovery Software to restore deleted photos. Top features of this Software include:

  • It is able to recover permanently deleted files.
  • Retrieve data from reassigned or deleted partitions.
  • Can recover data from a partition or a formatted drive.
  • Can retrieve data from the RAW drive.

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