In this highly competitive world, both startups and well-established organizations need to look for ways to reduce their running costs. Since phone systems are the most common basic investment, and their costs can quickly get out of hand, we’ll be looking at ways to make them more cost-efficient.

Your best bet is to use virtual phone systems. They offer an elegant and highly effective solution at a reasonable price. These systems are also scalable, which is why small and big businesses alike are turning to them. Let’s take a closer look at how virtual phone systems work and how they can make your life easier.

How Businesses Can Use a Virtual Phone System to Reduce Their Spending

The costs of modern communication

Depending on which type of virtual phone system you choose for your business, you can expect different costs. For example, KSU-less systems are designed for small businesses and usually cost around $30 per month. On the other hand, key telephone systems are for large businesses that can range from $300–$1000 per user. 

The most expensive option is PBX systems, with average costs ranging from $1000 and up to $3500. However, these systems can cover all the needs of large corporations with their wide variety of advanced features. Additionally, you can find hosted PBX systems that cost around $20 every month. 

What are virtual phone systems?

Virtual phone systems are run on a server located off-site. The provider maintains them, and they allow phone call routing to tablets, landlines, laptops, computers, smartphones, and desk phones. They can be configured easily by business owners using an online interface, and there’s no need for IT staff. 

This means that the virtual phone provider handles all the maintenance and other issues. The business can customize everything they want easily and don’t have to bother fixing issues. This carries a lot of benefits. A good example is the virtual phone system. 

How complicated are they to setup?

One of the first advantages of virtual phone systems is that they can be set up quickly. The first step is to sign up. After finding the provider you like, simply go to their site, choose a plan to add the phone number, user name, password, and payment method. 

Once you’ve created your account, you will have to record your main greeting so that it reflects your business. 

The third step includes adding extensions for different departments or employees. This will allow customers to reach the person they need without getting bounced back and forth between different staff members. 

After doing this, the only thing you need is to customize all extensions with a message and other features, and you’re good to go.  

What can they do for a business?

Virtual phone systems come with advanced modern features traditional telephone lines don’t have. Apart from welcome greetings, voicemails, and virtual receptionists, they also offer text messaging, which is an elegant feature. 

The call routing pattern can be customized, and customers can even be given access to the company directory. It’s all about streamlining your phone lines in a way to showcase your professionalism and make it easy for customers to communicate with your business. 

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Can traveling businessmen use them?

Virtual phone systems can also be connected to smartphones. This means that people who travel a lot can take care of their business needs without any issues while on the road. For companies, this sends a professional message and availability. 

On the other hand, freelancers and traveling employees can also use virtual systems to keep track of everything and communicate with their clients. Some virtual phone systems can be connected to virtual landlines so that you can receive calls even when you don’t have an internet connection. 

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Virtual phone lines offer many advantages to modern businesses. A lot of companies neglect their phone lines even though this type of communication still carries a lot of business value. Modernize your business as soon as possible and make it easy for potential customers to reach you. 


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