A marketing campaign is very important for any business that wants to increase its customer base and help its business grow. It is common practice for a business to use multiple marketing platforms simultaneously to build a marketing campaign to attract new customers. To gauge the success of any marketing campaign you need to have efficient call tracking facilities. Dial800 has call tracking for businesses with dynamic number tracking and built-in AI to measure media performance. 

Google Ads and Google Analytics can help you maximize the strength of your online marketing campaigns. Check out Google ads Newcastle for more information. These tools will also give you an awareness of which of your online marketing campaigns or pay-per-click pages are performing efficiently. What about all of the calls that you receive on your business numbers? Don’t you want some kind of detailed information about which of your marketing campaigns are performing better than others? This is where call tracking comes in.

What Is Call Tracking?

A call tracking software assigns different tracking phone numbers to each one of your marketing campaigns. All of the calls to these numbers are forwarded to your main business phone number. This way your marketing staff can answer these calls as if they were made directly to that number. This way you can get much more information on the success of each marketing campaign since each call was routed through a specific call tracking number. 

With the help of call tracking software, businesses can get a comparison of how much phone traffic each tracking number generates. With the help of this information, a business can determine whether their billboard is outperforming their online marketing campaign. The advantage of this information is that the business will be able to transparently recognize which of their marketing campaigns is performing the most successfully. Your organization will be able to determine exactly which marketing campaign to continue spending their time, effort, and financial resources on. 

Benefits Of Call Tracking For Businesses

With the help of call tracking, you can gather crucial data that can help you maximize the performance of your marketing campaigns. The following is a list of some of the benefits a business can achieve with the help of call tracking. These benefits are sometimes also referred to as call tracking metrics:

  • Number of Calls: With the help of call tracking you can find out exactly how many calls your business receives. This information can help you reveal patterns and trends associated with specific calls. 
  • Call Duration: This will give you an insight into which of your marketing campaigns results in calls with a longer duration. This can help you identify whether or not these calls are producing better conversion rates or not.
  • Call times & Locations: Call tracking software provides detailed information about what time of day and the locations receiving the most calls. This can help you identify when your business is most likely to receive the most calls with strong leads. 
  • Pay Per Click Landing Page Performance: Your business can singularly identify the performance of each pay per click landing page. This information can help a business distinguish which pay-per-click campaign has the highest conversion rate. 

Businesses can also use call tracking to evaluate the performance of each one of their agents that respond to customer inquiries. All of this information can help the business make future decisions about how to route calls and which agents to promote. The business can also recognize which agents need further training before they can become more productive for their organization.


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