If you’re a tech-savvy person, you may be on the lookout for the latest gadgets, such as portable monitors or gaming consoles. But what about adding a hi-tech item to your wardrobe?

This is precisely what Gamma, a lightweight graphene-infused jacket, brings to the table. Building on the fantastic properties of one of the strongest materials on earth and advanced components, the garment exemplifies a cutting-edge design.

Gamma Highlights

Graphene-Infused Jacket

Wear Graphene created Gamma to provide people with a versatile jacket they could wear to practically any region on the planet. Here are some of the product highlights:

Effective Thermoregulation

Graphene-Infused Jacket

Besides being one of the sturdiest materials in the world, graphene is also a terrific thermoregulator and insulator. It enables the jacket to detect body temperature changes and react to them within seconds.

If your skin is too chilly, the jacket uses a lattice structure to transfer heat from the hottest to the coldest areas. It distributes warmth equally to your upper body to deliver optimal comfort.

It’s also practical for warmer conditions. The garment absorbs moisture and expels it through permeable pores to lower your body temperature. Plus, it wicks moisture, which is of great help in particularly humid regions.

Built-In Heaters

Graphene-Infused Jacket

Gamma doesn’t only rely on graphene to maintain adequate body temperatures. There are also built-in heaters to keep you warm, even in sub-zero conditions. They can be powered by any power bank placed in your inner pocket.

To activate the system, you need only press a button, and the heaters will raise your body temperature to the desired level within 30 seconds. They come with three adjustable settings, allowing you to accommodate varying degrees.

The elements are safe to use, too. When they’re active for a longer period, graphene’s thermoregulating properties prevent the jacket from overheating or catching fire. As a result, you can fall asleep in Gamma without risking burns or other similar injuries.

Anti-Odor and Machine-Washable

Graphene-Infused Jacket

Regular light jackets tend to get smelly and wet after riding around in a backpack. The odors aren’t natural – they come from bacteria growing on the surface. In addition, these garments aren’t washed frequently, making them more susceptible to these microbes.

In contrast, Gamma isn’t plagued by this issue since it kills any bacteria that could lead to unpleasant smells. You can take the jacket on your morning run and put it in your bag without worrying about nasty odors.

The model is also 100% machine washable. There’s no risk of damaging its components because none of them contain batteries or electrical parts. You can put it in your washer on a normal cycle without harming the surface.


Graphene-Infused Jacket

Gamma depends on graphene for another handy feature – weatherproof abilities. The jacket repels the unpleasant effects of extreme weather using its compact structure. It’s so strong that it doesn’t let any particles infiltrate, including gas and liquids. Therefore, you’ll stay dry in a variety of conditions, from light rains to downpours.

The jacket also features all the drawstrings and straps you can find in a conventional travel jacket. There’s a rain hem, high collar, and a hood. This way, you can modify Gamma and fasten the openings to provide more protection from the elements.

On particularly sunny days, the jacket shields you from UV rays. Prolonged exposure can result in severe damage, such as burns. Fortunately, Gamma’s sun protection factor is over 100, keeping you safe and cool.

Extremely Durable

Graphene-Infused Jacket

Since it’s made of graphene, Gamma boasts superior strength. The material is more powerful than diamonds, allowing the jacket to withstand all kinds of pressure. It can endure tears, scratches, abrasion, punctures, and even knives. Thus, the model will retain its great looks for years to come.

Hypoallergenic and Insect-Repellant

A lot of people deal with allergens that latch onto clothes. Pollen and dust mites are two of the most common culprits, but Gamma doesn’t allow them to ruin your day. The jacket is hypoallergenic, meaning that these annoying particles can’t latch onto the surface and make their way to the skin or inside your home. You can hike through areas packed with allergens without fear that any of them will end up on your jacket.

Another great thing about Gamma is that it also stops insects from bothering you. Graphene blocks mosquitos and many other bugs from sensing your skin, fending off nasty critters.

Gamma Is All About Innovation

With so many robust features, Gamma is ideal for a wide range of activities, including hiking, cycling, exercising, and going out. The practical heat regulation and moisture-wicking keep you comfortable throughout the day, regardless of the climate. The jacket is also hypoallergenic and highly durable, making it an excellent all-around product. 

Check out the men’s and women’s designs and pre-order your GAMMA at weargraphene.com.

Graphene-Infused Jacket


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