Whether you love them or hate them, Social Networks today are part of the everyday life for almost all of us: there are few who, at least once a day, do not log on to Facebook to catch up on the latest news, to spy on that classmate from middle school and, above all, to follow their favorites and the brands of the heart.  

Running a viral marketing campaign promises to deliver many benefits to the business, starting with being free. Indeed, since consumers will drive the campaign, the company will not spend money. In addition, this type of campaign promises to give you more visibility to your products and therefore helps attract more potential buyers.

This article will reveal how getting viral will help your business.

Meaning of going viral for a business

This word might sound negative: “viral” it often reminds me of a cold or chickenpox. And the concept is precisely the same, even if seen positively: a company becomes viral on Social Networks when its posts get thousands and thousands of interactions and, above all, shares, and users start talking about the brand even beyond the walls of the social platform. Just like with a cold, you can turn yourself viral if, when you publish a post, it goes from user to user.

Fortunately, there are tangible criteria that make the concept of content virality more meaningful. When it comes to dissecting the trending word of the day, “virality,” the most effective content tends to meet some essential criteria. These criteria would be as follows:

  • A number of views: For videos, in particular, this would seem to be a key indicator for gauging the popularity of content. While some cite one million views as the minimum threshold for considering content to be viral, others are raising the bar to 5 million views instead.
  • Buzz: Getting millions of views isn’t enough – your content or product has to be discussed everywhere if it’s viral – popular blogs, reputable magazines, tweets, Facebook posts, etc.
  • Lifespan: While some fads come and go almost instantly, truly viral content continues to live on in viewers’ memories long after the initial buzz has worn off. A long lifespan characterizes viral content.

How does going viral benefit your business?

Speaking of concrete results, this article specifies the benefits that getting viral on social media platforms can bring to your business:

Building a brand through viral content- In general, customers are more likely to talk about brands that have disappointed rather than those they like. Providing excellent customer service, believing in your product, being engaged in your community, and having an excellent reputation as an employer – are some of the attributes that will keep people talking about your brand. And that brand awareness can be converted into sales.

Increase brand awareness and help you build a strong web presence- Going viral lets the user who, repeatedly, but not invasively, finds himself in front of your company’s posts, automatically memorizes the brand. When he finds himself having to buy something related to your core business, he will remember the brand and decide to give you a chance.

Humanize your brand- This is one of the main benefits that getting viral has brought into your business. Thanks to going viral on social platforms, you can create an instant relationship with your potential customers: answering their questions, assisting them, making fun of an event with them increases your popularity and makes your brand “human”. Finally, the user can interface with someone real.

Increase site traffic- This is a fundamental step: the Social Media Strategy is linked to other web marketing strategies and leads the user within site. It is here, in fact, that, if the potential customer is interested, a commercial negotiation will start.

Conclusion: So, now that you know the criteria for viral content, how are you, as a merchant, going to generate so much buzz? Have you ever launched a product that has gone viral? What would you attribute your success to? While it’s hard to predict the rise of virality in any niche, SocialFollowersFree.com is the best platform to go viral.  


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