Are you on the move to expanding your professional career? There’s something waiting for you at EXIN, an international certification body with all sorts of exams for various IT industries. Through its far-reaching collection of certifications, more and more professionals are converted into experts, making it easier for businesses to achieve success.

Broaden your skills and enrich your profile with EXINS’s ITIL Foundation, which is based on industry practices for IT Service Management. With this certification track, you earn a globally-renowned credential that you can be proud of. So, time to highlight your career by passing ITIL V3 Foundation Dumps!

What’s to know about ITIL?

Firstly, ITIL, which was once the acronym for the ever-significant Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is considered the standard when it comes to IT Service Management. And through this set of industry practices, IT services are kept aligned with business processes and needs.

Because of its vital function within the field of IT Service Management, ITIL has been used by many high-profile companies globally, including IBM and HSBC. Even top government agencies like NASA maximizes the ITIL set of practices into their daily undertakings. Consequently, many individuals are enticed to get ITIL certified. But there are only a few certification bodies that are internationally-recognized providers of ITIL Foundation certification.

So, what is the best ITIL certification for newbies and where to get it?

For many years, EXIN holds a reputable name in terms of certification exams for IT professionals. And one of their in-demand credentials is the ITIL Foundation, which is the validation needed by professionals who want to certify their fundamental knowledge of the ITIL framework and rules.

Since this is labelled as a foundational credential, it focuses on the comprehension instead of the application. That is why it’s a perfect groundwork for those who want to delve into IT Service Management and learn more about the ITIL features and functions.

Why are there different ITIL Foundation versions?

You might be wondering about the differences with the exam name―for instance, ITILFNDv1, ITILFNDv2, and ITILFNDv3. Well, the coverage involving the ITIL Foundation certification is updated regularly, hence the changes with the exam name.

Let’s have a clearer picture of the modifications done within ITIL through a comparison between ITILFNDv2 and ITILFNDv3. Version2 targets on service design and strategy while Version 3 focuses on processes involving the service lifecycle. Moreover, Version 3 has more methods and functions compared to the previous version.

What are the topics included in the ITIL Foundation certification?

So, for this specific ITIL certification exam offered by EXIN, it is not just limited to IT Service Management and IT Service Cycle. It covers correlated topics such as technology and architecture as well as competence and training. Likewise, this credential allows you to gain insight of all the roles and processes of the ITIL framework. Essential IT Service Management concepts like Identity, Strategy, Configuration, Asset, Portfolio Problem, Service-Level, and such are also part of the exam. With the broad coverage, you shouldn’t limit yourself with one study material. Gather various, quality references that you can use for your exam preparation.

How to pass the exam in one take?

There are many ways to ace your ITIL Foundation exam, and these include utilizing physical materials and online resources. And if you want to ensure exam victory, avail of PrepAway’s premium bundle that already includes updated questions & answers, along with some training courses and study guides. All these online materials are very useful in preparing for your upcoming exam. Moreover, these resources are easily accessible via its ETE Exam Simulator that translates plain files into an interactive exam experience. The ITILFND Premium Bundle is currently priced at a discounted rate of $39.98. So, make sure to take advantage of its cut-price before it goes back to its regular price at $66.63. In addition, you can download free files available on this web resource. These practice tests will show you the weak areas you need to focus on before taking the exam itself.

If you’ve completed PrepAway’s materials, you can also maximize other references, including YouTube for highly informative videos at no extra costs and Amazon for different study guides for the ITIL Foundation.

What’s the exam layout?

There’s still so much to know about EXIN’s ITIL Foundation certification and this includes the exam layout. The exam revolves around 40 questions in multiple-choice format with an allotted time of 1 hour. Earn at least 65% of the total coverage to pass the exam. Since you only have a limited time to answer the questions, profound knowledge of the exam topics is very important. So make sure to take advantage of the all materials mentioned above. 

What’s in store upon completion of ITILFNDv3?

Learning all the ins and outs of the ITIL framework gives so many benefits to your professional career. Aside from earning a reputable credential, you become a proficient professional who knows how to work competently and successfully via ITIL practices. Plus, this gives you leverage in terms of job application or promotion. Having this credential on your profile means you are not just any other individual. You are a noteworthy asset who can help with business processes.

More than that, completion of your ITIL Foundation certification exam means unlocking another related certification―the VeriSM certification. In particular, the VeriSM credential allows you to extend your ITIL understanding through its recent and emerging advancements and technologies as a result of digital transformation.


There’s always something to look forward to when earning a certification from EXIN. And for successful passers of its ITL Foundation exam, the wide array of benefits includes professional advancement, stable career, higher compensation, extensive network, and more! So, make your move, become a certified ITIL Foundation holder and enhance your exam proficiency by using the updated practice tests from PrepAway.


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