With too much data now in soft form as compared to all that data on papers in the past, the risk of it becoming insecure has increased. In the older times, schools had maintained the file of each student with all the required data on that paper file. But as technology has advanced, these hard paper files are eliminated and students’ data is now available in administration computers in the schools. 

This has increased the risk of data theft and schools need to take measures to protect their pupils’ data. Even though it cannot be completely secured but proper measures can reduce the risk. If State schools don’t take it seriously then it is only a matter of time when there is a data scandal just like NHS. If you want to get more info about computer security, check out term paper help.

What is Better a School Server or a Cloud Server?  

As a layman, the answer to this question will be that a school server is more protected as compared to a cloud server for data storage. But according to the experts, this is an illusion only and the cloud server is a more secure option. The experts have valid reasons to support their claims. 

One basic reason they have discussed cloud servers being more protected is access to school data while being out of school. As teachers may need to use data when at home for doing work. If they cannot access school servers from home, they will take pupils’ data in their hard drive to work at home. This increases the risk of theft and hacking as a private computer as it is not as secure as a school server. In other scenarios, if data is stored on a cloud-based server, it has ease of access from anywhere so the teacher can access that data from their home. This is one of the major reasons that make cloud servers better and more secure options for maintaining the school database instead of school servers. 

Another benefit of the cloud server is sharing data based on granting access. So if a person who is an employee of the school is accessing data from cloud servers has not an option to copy data from the server and you can revoke access of the same person when he is no more employee of your school or not required to perform data-related tasks. Now think of a school server from where data is copied to a private device of a person who has left the job at school. There is a risk of data being misused and manipulated with no option for school to take care of such misuse. 

Last but not least benefit of cloud servers is that schools don’t have to worry about the maintenance and replacement of their servers every few years. All schools have to do is to pay for cloud services without worrying too much about operational and maintenance cost. Cloud servers are also more protected and less vulnerable to ransomware with robust firewalls. 

To conclude this, for schools to keep their database protected, cloud servers are a better and secure option as compared to the school servers. 


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