Technology is an integral part of our life. It moves forward our society, and we got all modern conveniences thanks to technology. Like every phenomenon, it has positive and negative effects that influence our life. Positive effects are more obvious and so important, that we are blind to negative facts. However, they exist. The main goal is to realize them and work to eliminate them. 

For every person writing skills are important. We use them for studying, working, private communication, and personal usage. We write notes, messages, letters, essays. We think and formulate our thoughts into sentences. We remember synonymous to make our text more readable. Can technology or robot substitute all these skills? We think, yes. With every month and every year, robots develop and automatize our job more and more. So we can conclude that we become more dependent on machines and robots that came from technology. 

Let’s try to pick out the most important dangers from technology that ruins our ability to write.

  • Abbreviations and mistakes are absolutely unpunished. We use messengers and write posts on social media. We communicate mostly with our friends, so we use simple language, mostly not checking mistakes. During this writing, no one fixes our mistakes and grades us. We are free not to put punctuations and capital letters. We are free to use slang words and stickers instead of words. We use abbreviations. All these things destroy our ability to write, so when we begin the essay, we should forget all the previous experience. It is unbelievably hard because this experience is comfortable. So what we have in the end? If we write correctly in social media, it takes a lot of time, and we seem boring, but at the same time when we write an important letter or essay, our skills are enough to do it without mistakes. If we write in social media using modern language and try to write a science paper result will be predictably bad. The main skill is to keep the balance between these two different ways of writing, that appeared because of technology.
  • Writing skill seems unnecessary. Thanks to technology we’ve got possibility not to write but to dictate instead. After special dictation programs decrypt the voice and show it as a text, after getting a text other programs to check and correct mistakes. So, only talking, we get a ready text. That’s magic! Unfortunately not. Before sending it to someone, we need to check what we have. Unfortunately, the result will be disappointing, and if deadlines are close, the only way is to pay someone to write my paper cheap. It happens because with losing the ability to write, we lose the ability to formulate correctly. Words are not enough, thoughts are jumping, and we can’t stop it. You can say that it is quicker to dictate and then edit the text than to write it all by yourself. And you are right, but ruining the ability happens gradually, so if you use technology all the time, the quality of your writing will worsen.

As we said above, technologies are necessary, but writing abilities are required too. They ruin and help each other at the same time, so the main goal of every person is to take the best features of technology and writing skills at the same time. Trying to save time, it is a good decision to use help and to pay someone to write an essay or a paper, but surely only if it is necessary. The best way to improve writing is to read quality resources, mostly classical books. With every new book, you will see how your language become brighter and cleaner.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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