Samsung remains to be one of the most famous mobile producers around the globe with excellent service. Smartphone of Galaxy S flagship often carries the biggest fashion, creative models, and user-friendly features. 2010 also looked the release of Samsung’s first S-series device, the Galaxy S. it has been shifted a bit over seven years (mostly through skin loss and weight gain); however, Samsung’s computer winners have achieved the contrary – more strong, growing, sexier, sleeker and thinner.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy S6

The annual Galaxy S and Note recharges from Samsung are always associated phones— they contain a bunch of the same hardware characteristics and DNA, although this year it’s been held to the extent. Note 5 sounds very much like the Galaxy S6 than assumed, and there are even several peculiarities of the same technology. For a device that has regularly looked like a “fan” design, this is a weird choice. Let’s look at the stacking of the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 and find out what that implies for the Note sequence. You can simply make a comparison through studying Galaxy S6 vs. Note 5.


The seasons of Samsung plastic flagship devices are passed. Now it’s all about crystal and steel. Galaxy S6 and Note 5 both have an aluminum row across the rim and a rear glass board. The volume of the Galaxy S6 is smooth on the top, which is okay. The back screen of Note 5 is bent a little at the corners to render it simpler to maintain the bigger device. They think very comparable otherwise. However, the straight top on the Galaxy S6 appears to create instances snugly match a little bit. The bigger the frame of Note 5 implies that it is indeed a little heavier as compared to Galaxy S6 (138 g vs. 176 g).

These glass backboards are not viewer-removable, so without a visit to a service department, the batteries don’t come out. The Galaxy S6 has an interior which is slightly small 2550mAh battery, and the Note 5 spikes till 3000mAh. This is a small decline from the past century in both instances; however, in Note 5 it’s far less pardonable. The Note collection has always been more appealing to enthusiasts who wished a large utilitarian device.
You have the usual range of physical access switches under the display at the forepart of both devices. The switches on the multitasking and rear are capacitance and taps on the house key. That’s moreover, where both devices have the fingerprint scanner. The GS6 introduced the fresh fingerprint pro from Samsung, and that goes on in Note 5. You no longer need to swipe, just a click, and you’re finished.

Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung’s 2014 fingerprint detectors were based on swipe, but Apple was combined with great touch-based detectors this year. As compared to Touch ID, the only drawback is that Samsung does not operate with as several third-party applications or additions to the web device.

Internals and Display

Samsung’s recent version Super AMOLED screen technique is used by both the Galaxy S6 and Note 5. They moreover have the similarly 2560 by 1440 scope. Note 5 is a bit bigger at 5.7-inch, which operates at 518 pixels at each inch. At 577 pixels each inch, on the Galaxy S6 the 5.1 inch 1440p AMOLED is mildly stronger. This difference, however, is strictly technical. The smallest distinction in pixel density is doubtful to be noticed.

The screen of Note 5 has a unique changer that uses the deductive stylus of the S Pen. This device entry racks into the phone’s underside and can be expelled with a click. Due to the current digitizer, Samsung’s Note displays appear to have somewhat strange transparent performance, but that’s only apparent in the very clear sunshine. Note 5 has the highest display accessible on a Display Mate. The precise color of the Smartphone elevates effectiveness. The screen of the Galaxy S6 is just as amazing, lower and mildly dimmer.

Both the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 use new LPDDR4 RAM, however, Samsung has incorporated 3 GB in Galaxy S6 and just 4 GB in the Note 5. It is worth mentioning that the memory handling model of Samsung in TouchWiz is based on shutting applications in the context instead of first loading up all accessible RAM. So, depending on RAM specifications, there is likely not much distinction in efficiency. This likely has much to do with Multi-Window Mode capability reservations.

Software and all the Rest

The update Note sequence generally provides Samsung with a chance to explore with insane characteristics that might or might not balance out. It’s very restricted this year, though. Note 5 does not bring anything fresh, save when the display is shut down for a fast manner to generate a fresh notice. That’s not to tell from a technology view, there’s no significance for Note 5. Both operate Android 5.1 among Touch Wiz’s latest release. Note 5 has mildly distinct icons as compared with GS6, however, both have a personality engine that can render them less repulsive.

The Samsung Air Unit pop-up can be accessed along with the S Pen stylus at every moment. It provides fast connections to the instruments intended specifically for this intake device to take notice and catch the display. These are stuff that you don’t obtain on the Galaxy S6, however, if you’re an S Pen consumer, you really only profit. Indeed, some individuals seem often not bring it out of the wallet.

Wireless Refilling

Both devices have directly cooked cellular loading capacities, however, only the Note has quick cellular loading – allegedly running from 0 to 100 RPM in about two hours. Only another drawback is buying a unique Samsung charger costing US$ 70.


We will have something on the battery life of the Note in our forthcoming evaluations, however, the GS6 fell 11 cents per hour, a nice result in our baseline (flowing audio over Wi-Fi with clarity at 75 percent).

S Pen

Samsung is really the only Smartphone manufacturer that puts important funds into a device based on a stylus, but we’re happy that someone is. The S Pen of the Galaxy Note not only provides you with some convenient note-taking characteristics but however, it also has a control and accuracy that stubby fingers cannot reproduce completely.


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