Though automation may lead one to think about robots taking over the world and subduing humans, in the case of supply chain networks, automation is about expanding productivity and reducing human effort.  

We can all agree with the fact that technology has affected supply chain operations to their very core. Gone are the days when freight forwarding companies relied upon the manual, complex, and error-prone processes in logistics.

Why Go for Automation?

It’s a well-known fact that with the changing demands, supply chain operators worldwide are trying to bring flexibility, accuracy, and agility in tier networks. And with the growth in business and increase in customers, supply chains would be required to adjust to bigger, more intricate strategies for data collection and assessment along with transportation. In any case, many tedious cycles accompany dealing with an effective supply chain.  

Supply Chain automation can provide several advantages to an organization as it can 

  • Reduce expenses, 
  • Increase speed  
  • Increase precision

These days, organizations are putting the automation of supply chain networks on their priority list. As per a study, more than 40% of organizations have effectively procured or plan to incorporate automation in their supply chain operations.

What Does Supply Chain Automation Include?

Supply chain automation involves the use of advanced digital technologies including,

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Robotics 
  • Robotic Process Automation

If you think that automation is something your organization requires, you have come to the right spot as we will cover whatever you need to know about eCommerce automation from all perspectives.

Supply chain automation can streamline the operations at each stage. By automation, you can get the job done in less time and with much less effort.

When to Go For it?

If any association is planning to transform the business activities in a productive and more manageable manner then they can achieve this through automation as it brings with it.

Digital Transformation

Each business ought to embrace the business process automation to make a culture of consistent change that directly affects each business.

Synchronized Processes

It is difficult for any organization to execute productive synchronized processes without automation.

Standards of Business Operations

With the assistance of automation, organizations can make their positions stronger in the market which encourages them to make an extraordinary customer base with significant results which in turn also helps achieve customer satisfaction.


Automation encourages everybody associated with responsibility to exhibit consistency in the organization by bringing clarity in the processes.

Which Tasks Can You Automate?  

Numerous eCommerce assignments have a more noteworthy effect on your business and give you more advantages when you automate them.

  • Dull Tasks   
  • Jobs That Are Not Scalable   
  • Simple Workflows First   
  • Specific Tasks   
  • Day to day Tasks First   
  • Automate payment process  

With automation, you no more have to get worried about the frustrating process of manually creating and sending out every invoice. Numerous platforms today permit you to make consistent invoices in no time. Automated invoicing is likewise included in well-known online business platforms.   

There can be many tasks in all the different departments of your business that can be automated. From inventory management to HR, eCommerce automation can enhance the efficiency of those mundane tasks.

Automation of Customer Services

You must have heard the idiom that Customer is the king’ stressing the need for good customer service. Meeting people’s high expectations immediately can be overpowering for the customer care unit particularly when managing a huge client base.

For better client assistance conveyance, businesses can utilize artificial reasoning to upgrade client experience. With AI, customers can ask queries and register any complaints and get a quick response at any time of the day.

Chat Bots

A number of both small and big businesses that are product or service-based use chatbots on their sites to start client communication and to entertain their queries. These chatbots are nothing less than a customer care representative who works for you every minute of every day, in any event.  

Chatbots are not new but have been operating for a long time now. you must have seen a pop-up message when you visit any website to ask you if you have any questions, these are the automated chats. If any business owner is still in the process of developing his sales team, he/she can use chatbots to help him/her focus on things that are more important at that moment.

Autonomous Vehicles

The shipping industry is confronting its own labor deficiencies. The transportation industry is planning to cope with worker deficiencies through automation. Autonomous objects, for example, self-sufficient trucks and robots can likewise be utilized to ship products.  

The latest technology to automate trucks has grabbed the attention of many logistics companies of Dubai and worldwide as this will solve a huge number of problems. 

Autonomous vehicles have already made their way into our lives. And most of you must be aware of the news of autonomous trucks gradually advancing in the supply chain network.  

Different organizations are attempting to make their way into this market; however, we are as yet far out from fleets of driverless trucks being spotted on the motorways.

Present Status

At present time, this innovation is not being tested independently but with a human being driving along to deal with any uncertain situation.

While this technology is in its early stages, the available automation technology would require a human driver to have the final control and to ensure the safety standards on the road.  

These automated parts can transmit huge measures of shipping and driver information back to supervisors, who would then be able to predict and plan out more effective shipping strategies.

Improved Machine Learning  

As supply chain automation gets better, more obligations will be given to self-sufficient cycles. Soon, supply chains will be nearer to absolutely real organic entities as computerized capacities will want to rapidly increase or scale down the cycle of goods as request fluctuates.

Automation in Information Gathering

Supply chains have to deal with huge amounts of information that flows along with the flow 

of the products, for example, conveyance request, dock receipt, bill of filling (B/L), ocean waybill, and so on.  

Workers in the inventory network persistently record and assess these reports for different reasons, yet, this is a tedious, manual job that represses organizations to gain operational efficiency. Utilizing automation, organizations can gather and analyze all the documents from the starting step to the final delivery of the product.  

Utilizing Data

To make the most out of this data, and to stay aware of inventory levels, automation is now set up, having the option to rapidly scale over long periods. With the advancement in technology, bringing more visibility and accountability in the supply chain, machines should have the option to adjust.

Other Automation Includes:

Inventory Automation:

Many warehouse companies are incorporating automation to deal with the pressure of labor shortages.

Automation and Lack of Manpower 

A study conducted in 2020 suggested that the lack of manpower continues. With globalization along with the facility of the internet, businesses are developing dramatically. But in this situation warehouses are experiencing difficulty looking for laborers to meet the rising demands.  

There are different parts of warehouse activities that can be automated through mechanical technology. The example includes Cobots, AGVs, AMRs, picking robots, etc.

The Internet of Things and Connected Endpoints  

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of those ideas that seems to have grabbed hold all over. In logistics, the IoT has led to improved sensor and tracking capacities with the help of RFID-and GPS-empowered handheld gadgets. This assistance brings a layer of automation and added productivity to logistics activities.


With automation, transparency is no more difficult to achieve. You don’t have to take the risks of trusting someone for the transparent running of your operations. All the activities can be tracked and observed using any process automation programming that will assist with improving the general responsibility and accountability.    

Customers appreciate and like quicker reactions to their questions. Quick responses can be given with chatbots for customer care which offers a simpler method to deal with the customer inquiries earning their loyalty.  

The automation instruments can lessen your workload over the long run, give more output at a lesser cost, and can earn you more profit in less time.


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