Video marketing is gaining rapid momentum and the trend’s here to stay. Consequently, we’re witnessing countless organizations embedding videos on their website. That’s because it’s easier to boost sales conversions with video marketing.

In fact, various surveys clearly indicate, people usually stay much longer on a website that offers one or more videos compared to those that don’t offer one. And usually, such people translate as genuine leads, prospective customers or instant clients.

That brings us to the question, how to boost sales conversions with video marketing?

Of course, there’re several ways. In this article, let’s explore some of these.

How to Boost Sales Conversion with Video Marketing

Boosting Sales Conversions with Video Marketing

The first thing that would come to your mind is YouTube videos. Therefore, let’s start with sales conversions with YouTube.

Open a Free YouTube Channel

Anyone can open a free YouTube channel. In fact, you can create one for your business as well. Most likely, you’ll be able to create an eponymous channel using the identity of your business. And use your company logo to give it that distinct identity.

A free YouTube channel allows you to post teaser ads, Do-It-Yourself, product information and countless such videos that would attract people to actually consider your product and boost sales conversion.

You can also embed the same video on your business website. The ‘About’ section of your YouTube channel allows you to provide a link to your website and its product offerings. This system usually helps boost sales conversion through video marketing.

Don’t forget to add the call to action by asking people to subscribe to your channel. And encourage existing clients to post their reviews about your product. Good reviews mean your chances of boosting sales conversion with video marketing are higher.`


Perhaps you’re aware that it’s possible to upload a short video of the proper size as Cover Photo on a Facebook page. This means you can actually post short, excellent videos as Cover Photo on the Facebook page of your business. A lot of large corporations are already using these resources to their advantage.

Additionally, Facebook is a superb social media platform where you can post videos of your business or promote those from your YouTube channel.

A Facebook Business page enables you to accept orders and payments from customers. Usually, people tend to take spot decisions after watching a compelling video. You can leverage this psychological fact to your advantage.

A distinct advantage of video marketing to boost sales conversions via Facebook is the ‘Share’ facility. This enables followers of the Facebook page of your business to share interesting videos with their relatives and friends. More so, if they’re satisfied with your product or service. Thus, your video marketing campaign gets extra mileage when people share through Facebook.

Know the Demographics

If you’re all set to open a YouTube channel and promote videos through the Facebook page of your business, the next obvious step is to know your audiences. YouTube and Facebook have a global reach. Often, you mightn’t have explored these far-away markets. When your videos on YouTube and Facebook are seen elsewhere, there are excellent chances to boost sales conversion.

If your business is able to cater to distant clients, you’re in for a boom. That’s because your video marketing campaign has also attracted customers you never knew existed. Obviously, this isn’t as easy as you might believe. There’re various rules and regulations regarding international trade. Just in case you aren’t able to cater to a foreign market right now, there’s nothing to fret. You’re creating a market there that you can enter and exploit in future to boost sales conversions.

Storytelling for Better Conversions

Customers, wherever they’re located in the world, love to watch stories. And video marketing makes that possible. When your target audience for video marketing, watch real-life stories from real people, they’re more likely to identify with your business and give your brand a try. That’s because compelling stories cut across all cultural and ethnic frontiers.

At the same time, your video marketing campaign that focuses on storytelling should also include that much necessary call to action. It’s essential to let viewers know that they too can become part of a story or replicate the one on your videos through video marketing. This call to action can be in the form of encouragement to people to try your product, visit your website, ask for free samples or look for further information.

Look Beyond YouTube and Facebook

Thanks to the widespread popularity of videos, there’re several other highly popular and excellent platforms that enable you to boost sales conversions through video marketing. One of these and possibly the most neglected is WhatsApp. Businesses are just about awaking to the tremendous potential for video marketing that WhatsApp offers.

Additionally, you can boost sales conversions with videos on platforms including Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vimeo as well as LinkedIn and Twitter. Before going all-out on every platform you can use for video marketing, it’s better to understand who’re the main users? Each social media platform has different types of following. Hence, you can customize your video marketing campaign and boost sales generation by uploading different visual content on all these platforms. You’re thus covering the highest possible number of potential customers.

Proper Video Marketing Strategy

And finally, you’ll require a proper video marketing strategy if you’re serious about boosting sales conversions. An excellent example of video marketing strategy, albeit not for consumer products or anything near that, can be seen on the Facebook page of Israel Defense Forces, a military organization, as the name suggests.

Ordinarily, videos posted by IDF on their Facebook page have been shared over 5,000 times or even more. That’s quite understandable since their Facebook page has over 5.5million followers worldwide. However, the point here is that each of their videos contains a call to action ‘Share this Video’. And these videos aren’t available on YouTube or any other platform. They are short and aptly convey whatever the message. This popularity speaks volumes of their excellent social media and video marketing strategy, though the IDF isn’t really selling anything.

Hiring a good video marketer does make sense if your budget permits. And an excellent video marketing strategy does help in boosting sales conversions since people are more likely to share your content on their social media pages, which in turn, get shared by others too.

In Conclusion

Video marketing to boost sales conversion isn’t a one-off affair or cakewalk by any standards. It requires proper planning, excellent strategy and above all, superb videos that call viewers to take action, regardless of whether it’s sharing the content or placing orders. Done properly, you’ll be amazed at how you can boost sales conversions with video marketing.


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