Buying a used car might be an uncertain expedition but with the right information, you are better armed to weather the challenges that you may encounter during the procurement phase. 

There are a variety of used car sites you can properly exploit if you do your homework ( proper research and survey into market prices and their intersection with current automobile realities). 

The average used car buyer might ask where can I get a cheap running car for sale? The answer to this question differs as there are a variety of purchase options. 

An online or physical option which is the best?

Your eventual point of purchase is largely predicated on your unique circumstances. If you are considering buying a used car from a store not too far from your area of residency you can consider the walk-in option. Most walk-in dealerships offer a simple to use consultation channel where to can book an appointment with personnel of the organization. 

However, if the dealership isn’t within your vicinity, buying a used car online from a car site like Epicvin might be the only way to secure the car of your dreams. 

There are also instances where the potential car buyer has a relationship with the seller maybe they are acquaintances, colleagues, or friends. In such cases, you can directly buy from the seller.

Pre-purchase steps ( What to do before buying a car under $500) 


Ever wonder why some people end up with rusty scraps of metal poised as good buys on used car sites? This could be attributed to their lack of purposeful research and survey. When you properly carry out detailed surveys, you can streamline your options based on your preferred platform, car model, location, and other necessary factors. 


This stage is one you should not toy with as it could either make or mar your car dreams. At this phase, do not leave anything to changes. Second-guessing and wild surmises should be eliminated at all costs.

Fancy pictures do not attest to the functionality of a car. 

If you are buying online, you must take the car for a test drive before paying. Some dealership sites do not have a return policy. If possible, take your mechanic along to run immediate checks before you finalize the purchase. 

However, if you are buying your car physically you should take a detailed look at the automobile. It is particularly helpful when the owner of the car just wants to dispose of the car. This could be because the owner wants to purchase a new one or the car doesn’t serve his unique needs. 

Not all used cars are damaged 

It is an erroneous view to assume that all used cars are damaged goods waiting to be shoved in the faces of unsuspecting buyers. Some used cars are simply cars that the original owners have outgrown as a result of their financial status, current job descriptions, and peculiar circumstances. 

Some cars on the other hand are on the used car spectrum because they are old models of a particular brand. Instead of parking the car in their driveways, they put it up for sale. After all, classic car enthusiasts would feast on a juicy car offer. 

Most of the used cars peddled online are victims of accidents. Hence, you may only need to spend a few bucks on rehabilitation depending on the severity of the damage. 

Sites and places that offer cars below $500

You can get vehicles below $500 through the following channels:


Epicvin is your one sure stop for cars below $500. This site curates the best deals for its customers by ensuring that the cars offered for sale are free from any criminal connection and severe damage that may threaten the life of its user. 

Some of the cars offered on this platform are cars that have been dented by accident, old models, and vehicles with fixable glitches. 

This site allows users to search costs based on their desired price range hence their choices are streamlined. This site is free from scams that usually occur in the form of fanciful pop-up ads as the contact of the advertiser is provided on the site. For as low as $350 you can secure your dream car with this site. 


This car site also offers the best deals in terms of affordability. Owing to its robust database, you can filter your search results using different tags. Tags such as location, car types( trucks and cars), and prices. 

Ensure you make inquiries about payment before you proceed as there are illegitimate car buying schemes. 

Government auctions 

Some websites and the United States General service administration offer cars for sale that are government property. These are cars that have been impounded by government agencies like the police. You can search available cars by entering your area zip code. For as low as $100 you can secure a decent automobile. 

Auto Junkyards (Wrecking yards) 

Beneath this pile of rubbles, you may find a treasure. Most of the cars in an auto junkyard have been severely battered hence, you should save a chunk of your money for premium upgrade and rehabilitation. 

However, you should be wary of the junkyards you visit as most of them are sited on illegal grounds. Also an added tip, you should confirm the title of the car before you pay as you do not want to land yourself an expensive lawsuit for conversion. 

Estate sales 

You can hit a jackpot if you keep your ears open. Ensure you stay tuned to newspaper and radio offers. People(with the help of their attorney) who inherit large properties may want to get rid of the car on the asset before it is distributed among the heirs. 

In conclusion

There are a variety of ways to purchase a car below $500 ranging from buying online to physically walking into a store to buying from a close relative. None of these purchase methods are cast in stone. Hence, you have to weigh the odds to settle for an eventual choice. However, if you are thinking of buying from an online store Epicvin with its amazing features would make online automobile purchases seamless for you. 


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