I’ll admit that it took me a while to subscribe to a VPN. While every tech site has been advising you to use a VPN for years now, I was lax. Only when I read about how high the identity theft statistics had become did I get scared enough to get a VPN.

Anyway, what I found was that finding the right VPN isn’t as simple as finding a VPN. In fact, there are tons of VPNs out there which simply don’t work, and I am certain there are some which actively mine your data and sell it to the highest bidder.

This is especially true with Android VPNs, with developers loading every half-baked app into the Android store. The good news is that there are some excellent VPN apps for Android and with a bit of information, you can locate them with ease.

Here’s what you need to know.

Ignore popularity and adverts

The problem with finding a good VPN is that it is difficult for most people to assess whether a VPN works. A service can provide a beautiful app with great functionality at a great price, pour money into advertising, and watch as subscribers arrive in their droves.

Does it work? Maybe. You can test if your IP address has been changed. But do they log your data? Um.

Most of the factors on which you’d judge a good VPN are invisible. No matter what assurances they give you, they could turn around and keep data logs and you won’t know until they suffer a major breach and your data gets stolen.

Popularity means little when it comes to VPNs, and neither does an advertising budget. Read what the experts say about whether or not you can trust it before making your decision.

But functionality matters too

That said, functionality does matter. The most reliable VPN will sit on your phone unused if it’s a hassle to get it working. The crux is to narrow the field down to those you can trust, and only then check out functionality.

Take note of other Android users’ experiences. A VPN that works well on a laptop may not come with a good Android app. It is inevitably going to be more difficult setting up your VPN on your phone or tablet than on your computer. Read the user reviews and see how many people complain about usability.

Customer service is key

Finally, because VPNs are difficult to troubleshoot from the user side, good customer service is incredibly important. If your VPN isn’t working, you need to know that customer service will have your back and keep you constantly updated. They need to have a good record of uptime, with downtime limited to the rare, brief occasion.

Ultimately, downtime shouldn’t happen often at all, considering a good VPN has many external servers, and there is always bound to be at least one functioning at all times. Sometimes you just need customer service to pinpoint which servers will work best for you while they sort out the problem.


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