Have you ever tried email drip campaigns? They are great when it comes to sales automation, scaling email marketing and outreach, and driving conversion. Drip emails are the tools that are used to automate the email workflow to reach out to the leads. They can be considered as a vital tool that can grab the attention of customers.

Already excited about how to create your own email drip campaign with the assistance of Snov.io? With rising competition in the market, you have to find out ways that can help you implement effective ways of marketing and to not feel tired of using email drip campaigns.

Building an email drip campaign

Sending emails, especially business emails, is time-consuming as you have to send them to multiple contacts and multiple groups together. With the Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns tool, the task becomes easier. You can create personalized emails or use the pre-composed templates for the purpose you need (the team gives access to more than 30 templates). The sending process is completely automated which gives you control over the workflow and saves you time.

So with less time in sending emails, you get the chance to focus on the core functioning of your business. But make sure that the email addresses you send emails to are the verified ones. A single mistake in sending group emails can have a negative impact on your sender’s reputation. Below, 5 easy steps for creating a drip campaign are described.

Step 1: Initiating the campaign

First, you need to give a unique name and select the email address to be used as the sender. Make the aim of the campaign easily understandable. Maintain uniqueness and simplicity through the email campaign. Choose the email list to send emails to, select the email addresses to which the emails will be sent if the recipient has got more than one email address, define if to send emails to unverified and catchall emails or not. At this point, it is not recommended to send messages to unverified emails as the delivery rate will go down and the bounce rate will go high.

Step 2: Delayed follow-ups

You can set a chain of follow-ups in the Snov.io campaign builder with smart features to not turn into a spammer. When you add delays between two emails, they will be sent when the time passes. If you add triggers with the set action (email opened or the link is clicked) and time, the follow-up will be sent when the recipient performs the pre-defined action within the set time.

Snov.io helps in the proper sending follow-ups. Thus, you have to set the triggers and schedule the time at which the emails will be sent.

Step 3: Using customized emails

When using Snov.io, compose plain-text customized drip emails by yourself. Customized emails have more chances of getting noticed and being opened. Therefore, you will automatically improve the click-through and reply rates. Make sure that you add uniqueness to the subject line and the email body includes variables. Give some visual information to clients and attach relevant links to the emails to be used as the CTAs.

If you have no time on writing emails, you can try templates. They are divided into a few groups and contain system variables. Moreover, if you save the created emails as templates, you can use them further on in other campaigns.

Step 4: Link the elements with lines

Link the elements in proper order by drawing a single line between them. This way, the chain of customized emails will be sent to potential clients properly.

Step 5: Stay updated about email statistics

To make effective use of the email drip campaign, follow the open, click, and reply rates properly. By following statistics, you can make the necessary changes in your future campaigns that you set.

How can Snov.io assist in sending automated emails?

So you’ve read how to automate the workflow by means of using the Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns. Let’s dive into how the platform can help you.

Quick sales automation

With this easy-to-use tool, you can augment sales by using more of delivery, open, and reply functionality just by dragging and dropping emails. It also gives you the option to customize drip campaigns and manage potential clients efficiently.

Easy scaling outreach

Without much effort, you can get in touch and negotiate with influencers, different media platforms, and bloggers by means of the triggered email sequence. This sequence is among the features that the Snov.io tool offers. This proves that with effective use of Snov.io, email drip campaigns can be built easily.

Fast post-event conversion

Any post-event email is an important follow-up to retain the interest of the audience in the event. The post-conference emails are similar to sales follow-ups. So you can remind your leads about the products after the conference and nurture them.

Start the first campaign in a matter of minutes

As you’ve realized already, Snov.io is easy-to-use and it won’t take you much time to launch the first campaign with its help. Additionally, you can use other tools provided by the company that will help you build the base of the leads and track the performance of the emails sent manually when you already communicate with them face to face.


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