When it comes to designing your eCommerce store you will need to do so in a way that encourages your shoppers to buy something from you. This might sound complicated if you are new but the good news is that there are some fairly straightforward design features that could make a considerable positive difference. 

If you are using an eCommerce platform like Shopify, you will find it is made fairly straightforward for you to implement design features that help encourage sales. If you don’t feel so secure in your own expertise, you can consider hiring Shopify development services to do that for you. These professionals will help you get the job done faster and they already have all of the industry insights you might need.

Use Copy that Sells

Around 95% of our purchasing decisions are made on emotion, and calls-to-action will help to tap into that emotion. Shoppers in general can be very easily influenced and many will gladly obey a simple command like ‘CLICK HERE’ if they like what they see. Not only that, but calls-to-action also make it easier for shoppers to find the right buttons once they have already made their own minds up. 

Make sure the calls-to-action are clearly visible and in several locations on your page so there is always one in sight. Doing so will make a considerable difference in the number of conversions in your store. 

Design Your Site to Improve UX

Make sure that your site is very clear to digest visually. Avoid adding too much information that might cause a page to appear cluttered. Make sure that text is clearly visible and avoid colors that are too glary, or too dull. Using the right colors can make your site look a lot more professional, and this could make all the difference. 

You could also pick from a range of plugins and widgets that will help you with the user experience. This includes plugins that can give push notifications to people who have abandoned their shopping carts, to search plugins that can make it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for. 

Conversion rate optimization can also often involve making forms and checkouts as streamlined as possible. If they are too complex they can discourage your customers from continuing their purchase. This is especially the case for shoppers who are using a smartphone or other mobile device. Try and keep forms to a minimum and ask only for details that are necessary.

Use Enticing, Professional Images

If you can have images of your products modeled by somebody then that will likely be very effective. If that is beyond your budget, however, they can still be very impactful without a model. Just make sure that any images you do use are clear and professional. If the ones you end up using are not professional then it can have a considerable negative impact on the appeal of the product and this can be a deal-killer. 

Make sure that images are located in the ideal position and don’t take up too much of a page. Look for plugins and other tools that will help your shoppers to zoom in on images. This means they have the option of getting a close-up of your products without you having to add large, cumbersome pictures. It also helps to add a professional touch that improves how your shoppers’ feel about your store, making them more comfortable when it comes to making a purchase.  

Also, make sure that image file sizes are not too large and try to use them only when needed. This is mainly because around half of people won’t even wait 3 seconds for a page to load, which would only have a negative impact on your store’s sales. Keeping file sizes down and using images sparingly will help prevent long loading times, meaning more people will stay and, hopefully, buy. If you aren’t sure, consider running a website speed test so you know how quickly or otherwise your website loads.

Incorporate Branding Into Your Design

People associate with a brand and a brand that shoppers can relate to can have a significant positive impact on their shopping intentions. Not only can a recognizable brand help to encourage new customers to buy from you but it can also help encourage them to come back for more in the future. You can also build brand loyalty with your customers, and this will make them more likely to choose you over your competition in the future.

Try and use images that reflect the tone and nature of the products you are selling. Also, have a consistent color theme that reflects your business, such as dark blue for professional services. If you are selling kids toys and/or clothing, be sure to use lots of vibrant, fun colors like bright reds, yellows, and greens. You should also use fonts that are clear to read, and make sure that the color of your font does not clash with other colors on your store. 

Empower your Store with Testimonials

According to a 2012 study by Nielsen, around 70% of people trust online reviews from people they don’t even know. With this in mind, testimonials can have a very powerful impact on peoples’ shopping intentions in your store. The ideal testimonial should not only be from somebody saying how happy they are with their purchase but also why they are happy. For maximum impact, a testimonial should help explain how your products helped to make their life better or easier.

You can also look for plugins that will help you add testimonials, reviews, and other factors that give social proofs to your site. Testimonials are best placed toward the bottom of the screen so your shoppers know what you are offering first. Visuals such as star-ratings on testimonials and reviews can also be very impactful, and plugins and widgets will help with this aspect.


Including the right design features to your eCommerce site will go a long way toward making your site a lot more successful. What’s even better is that these features don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Indeed, most can be performed even on a minimal budget. The tips above are relatively easy to follow and doing so can have a considerable positive impact on shoppers on your site.


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