Programs for creating video presentations are an indispensable tool in the absence of a budget for the full development of a video presentation from the pros, so we have selected 7 services with which you can make it yourself. Basically, we considered services that work only online, without the need to download programs to a computer. Do not forget to check out explainer video maker at Explain Ninja, as it will give you a lot of opportunities to create videos and you can always consult with the professionals.


Proven comradeinarms of the marketer. A versatile video content maker with extensive video presentation capabilities.

What are the possibilities?

Collect presentation videos using templates. Both animation and real shooting are available. There is no limit on the length of the video. Probably the most extensive footage editing and editing options on the market, huge character customization options. Paying for abundance is a higher threshold for entry for newbies.


The service does not have any functional featuresall work is also based on templates. You can choose any style3D animation, doodles, explainers, etc. After choosing a template at the bottom of the page, you are invited to watch a training video. Own photos and videos are also added and taken to work.

You will be prompted to log in when you go to preview your work. Right there, for the first time, we are talking about payment. You can login through your Facebook or Google accounts. You can share your finished video presentation on Facebook or YouTube.


A popular cloud service that allows you to collect a list of static images in a video sequence. Wideprofile software, which is quite suitable for creating video presentations for business. Very simple intuitive interface.

What are the possibilities?

Combine static photos and video clips into a single video sequence, add text, visual effects and music. A library of 600 customizable templates in the business category. According to the developers, it will automatically optimize videos for SEO.


One of the most popular video editors for iPhone and Android users with a focus on live filming. When activated, the Business plan turns into a powerful tool for creating commercial videos, including presentations.

What can a video editor do?

The program compares favorably with analogs in that it helps the user with editing. You just load the fragments you want, choose themoodand add text, animation effects and music to your liking. After that, the program itself analyzes the speed of movement of objects, closeups, the presence of dialogues and other attributes and then generates an adapted scenario. Forget about ragged and twitchy amateur videos.

The resulting video can be downloaded or stored in the cloud and shared on social networks.


A program for creating 2D video presentations (explainers) on a white background with builtin storylines.

The service provides a list of script templates within which you can post contentthis is its key feature. If you don’t know how to write a script competently, the service does it for you. Then the engine of the program will suggest the appropriate illustrations to correctly convey the meaning of the story.

Record your voice, add sound effects or your illustrations (company logo, for example), and the video is ready.


The service offers over 1 million free videos, images and music tracks, so you don’t need to be able to draw or shoot to work with it.

To register on the site, fill out a short form and activate your account via mail.

You can choose a template from the library or start creating a video presentation from scratch using your own work. Like most, the service works according to the drag, drop & animate scheme: just drag and drop and add animation.

It is very easy to use, but loses to others in terms of the number and quality of templates. Suitable for those who are just getting acquainted with the technology of creating video presentations. The service has a section for training beginners with articles and videos.


Desktop (Mac, Windows) program for creating video presentations in doodle style (whiteboard animation).

What can?

Very similar to Prezi, zooming in and out to various presentation elements. A large number of templates and highquality elements in the librarymore than 6 thousand readymade images, so you don’t need to draw yourself.


There are many programs for developing video presentations, but to decide, think about what kind of problem you are going to solve? In some services it is more convenient to work with animation, in otherswith footages and filming video, in othersto build graphs with numbers.

It is also important to understand that if you use the created video presentation to solve commercial marketing and advertising tasks, the software will in many cases cost more. For personal purposespresentations in front of colleagues, for example, the initial subscription option is enough for you.


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