Do you remember some-odd years ago when you signed the deeds to your new business property? Remember how everything had to be just right for opening day, and how you wanted your brand to stand out as a local business in which people could take pride?

Well, that feeling didn’t last. Did it? And now your office is a few years down the line, looking and feeling like the kind of place that might have been a fun home for the staff, once upon a time, but now it’s all chipped and peeling. Hmm. We’ll get to the decor shortly, but first…

Document management

If you’re unfamiliar with document management, feel free to check out the benefits of document management systems. In essence, it’s the process of turning your printed documents into digital documents. Now, it’s easy to think of this as something of a futile exercise, much like when your grandparents use their phone camera to take a picture of the photo on someone else’s phone (but they helped teach us how to use the toilet so we must have patience, ha!). But there’s very good reason to invest in document management as part of your spring clean. 

First off, you get the space back. How many boxes of documents have you got nestled away in your various office cubby holes? It’s not only unsightly, but it can be confusing for people as the inevitable turnover of staff leads to blank faces throughout the office when someone eventually opens the lid on one of the boxes and asks, “What’s this?”.

Your documents can be stored digitally, meaning better compliance and data protection and less risk of losing your files. Get rid of your paper stacks. It’s time. 

Decorate it all (colour code for your industry )

Brands come with colour schemes. Anything to do with medicine usually falls into a colour pallet heavily dominated by green. Anything digital is typically blue. Red gets its chance in health, food, and entertainment, while orange is frequently used alongside grey by companies wishing to gain an edgy and modern look (although, how edgy and modern that look can be using such an old trick is anyone’s guess). 

Whatever your industry, research the colours associated with the leading brands. A few simple Google searches and a notepad at the ready should give you an excellent idea of the types of colours you can use. Then, hop back on Google and hire a painting and decorating firm. Job done. 

Unlock your staff, retrain, and hire new blood

Do your staff feel part of the furniture? Speak to them. They have dreams and ambitions. Use their enthusiasm to benefit your brand. Offer new training opportunities and take on new staff to plug any holes created. Your people are a resource, and like any resource, it can be quality and effective or just there enough to make up the numbers. Don’t let your brand slip for the sake of positive conversations about staff progression. 


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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