If you live in the big city and have had no problems with your phone connection, then you are one of the lucky few out there. Keep in mind that there are tons of people out there who live in suburban areas, far away from any major metropolitan area. So they must rely on an unstable mobile signal in order to get by.

But now that working from home has taken center stage and is more popular than ever before due to the lockdown, having a weak mobile connection just doesn’t cut it. You need something stronger and more stable if you want to keep up with your work while under lockdown. Luckily, there are some tricks you can try out to improve your connection. They’re quite easy to do and involve doing something as simple as changing your mobile provider to investing in a gadget that can help you improve your signal.

So what exactly causes a weak signal in the first place and what can you do to counteract and solve this problem?

Why the Weak Connection?

If you find yourself regularly complaining about your unstable mobile connection then you can attribute it to several reasons. While the modern mobile network is quite advanced we’re still nowhere near that mark where we can confidently say that the mobile connection is 100% stable it’s not gonna be nowhere near the gsm repeater quality.

There are a lot of reasons why your phone calls are not as smooth and stable as you’d like them to be. One of the biggest issues that people living in the countryside and suburbia have to face is the fact that they are living outside of the mobile carriers’ coverage. While many carriers today have tasked themselves with bringing a stable connection to as many parts of the world as possible, regardless of how remote they are, some carriers are not as good at this.

Another problem you may come across is a malfunctioning phone or SIM card. SIM cards can go through a lot of wear and tear especially if you regularly change phones. The simple act of taking them out and inserting them back into the phone causes minuscule amounts of damage that add up as time goes on. This can also happen if you drop your phone one too many times. There are tiny parts inside your phone that can easily get damaged regardless of how shatterproof the outer coating may be.

For a lot of people the problem is the house that they live in. It may be constructed from materials that are very insulated and do not allow for the mobile signal to travel through them. Or perhaps the house itself is situated in a low geographical area. Regardless of which case it might be there are several ways to work around this problem without having to move houses.

Some Solutions

The obvious solution to the phone or SIM card problem would be to get a replacement card or repair the phone. This is quite easy to do as ordering SIM cards is very easy and most carriers hand them out for free. Ask for the phone: depending on the kind of damage that was done to it you may need to simply replace a single part or possibly even the entire phone. Either way when it comes to hardware these issues are not very hard to fix.

If the problem is your carrier then you may need to simply change them. Look at the mapping of the mobile service coverage in your area and see which carriers were closest to you. It may just so happen that the carrier you’re currently using does not have a mobile signal tower nearby and so your connection is too unstable. Find the mobile carrier that operates closest to your local area and subscribe to one of their services instead.

Changing your mobile carrier is even easier to do. All you have to do is visit the local office and ask about their services. Sign up for the exact service that you need or one that is closest to what you currently have. Just make sure that you know how good their coverage is in your local area before you do so.

As for the weak connection as a result of your home: there is one gadget that should be able to help you out. Many people live in very rural areas. They often have problems with a weak connection due to their geographical location. Changing carriers for them may not even be an option as no provider has a mobile tower that is near them.

In countries with a large rural population, one gadget utilized by a lot of people is a mobile phone signal booster Ireland being a good example of this. People who live out of town and far away from the major metropolitan areas can enjoy their high-quality mobile connection without having to petition for a mobile tower to be built nearby.

The mobile phone booster has a very simple application: it receives the weak signal from the outside, amplifies it, and disperses it through the house. A receiver is placed on the outside which catches the incoming mobile signal. The signal then travels to an amplifying device which strengthens the signal making it stable enough to be used. Then an interior antenna disperses the now stabilized signal throughout the devices in the house. The dispersion depends on the kind of interior antenna that is used. For example, one type of antenna disperses the signal equally through all the devices in its radius whereas another provides a stronger connection to any device that’s closer to the antenna.

Both these types have their benefits and it’s really up to you to decide which one you’d prefer more. Mobile signal boosters have helped countless people around the world with their weak mobile connections. You can have conversations confidently knowing that they won’t get interrupted for any reason whatsoever.


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