Keeping your employees happy has become increasingly important over the COVID-19 pandemic. With the number of employees leaving their jobs on the rise in search for something better, it has never been more important to ensure your employee engagement and overall happiness. 

Increase Your Employee Engagement

What Is The Reason for Employees Leaving?

Employees are leaving their jobs because they do not feel valued in their current environment. In a company, every employee matters, no matter how many you have. Over 77% of employees feel like they are independent from the company, and feel as though they lack support in climbing the career ladder within the company. 

Workplace Loneliness 

When growing or expanding your company, it is not often that you think of workplace loneliness, and how it affects your workforce. In terms of the success of the company, it relies on such an aspect to succeed and thrive. Lonely employees will be less productive, meaning less work will get done for your company. What is more, unhappy employees have reportedly thought about quitting twice as much as employees with colleague relationships. 

The 90 Day Rule  

Over a third of people looking for a job have left within 90 days of starting their previous role. A plethora of reasons exist for this search. For example, if an employee’s image for a job was not matched, meaning expectations were not met, employees are more likely to hand in their notice or partake in job searching within this 90 day period. It seems, therefore, that the first 90 days are critical in setting the right impression, and making the employee feel involved. 

How To Keep Your Employees Feeling Valued  

As previously established, the environment in which your employees work is paramount to the 90 day period. You must actively engage with your employees, to ensure the message comes across that they are all equally heard and welcomed in the company. It is additionally important to have regular staff meetings, so that the employees know exactly who they are working for. Often, this gives every worker a motive aside from getting paid. Furthermore, if they are able to regularly keep in contact, they will feel less lonely or isolated within your company. 


Benefits and Compensation 

When searching for a job, job-seekers look out for a package which will improve their financial status, and offer the benefits which will continue to help them be as cost-effective as possible. Therefore, research what your competitors offer in terms of benefits and compensation, and set yours accordingly. Remember, you are trying to attract the best talent and ensure they apply to your firm as opposed to your competitors. In addition, for events such as workplace or vehicle accidents, compensation is integral in ensuring your employees feel valued as members of your team. To show this, make it clear their compensation, your connection to pro truck accident attorneys or workplace accident lawyers. 

Overall, employee happiness is the reason your business keeps on running. There are many things to ensure this is maintained, such as making it clear their benefits and compensation, as well as regular staff meetings. 


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