Every Android user who loves modding and tweaking their device, who wants to try different firmware’s, root their phone, install a custom ROM and kernel’s, first they need to unlock their bootloader and install custom recovery and for that, they need to install ADB and fastboot drivers. And in this guide, we help you to install ADB and fastboot on Windows and Mac OS.

install adb and fastboot on windows
What is ADB: – ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a small debug tool that you found in Android Software Development Kit (SDK). ADB is a command line tool that’s communicate your Android device with a computer. With ADB, you can control your device from the computer via USB, transfer files and run powerful shell commands. You can use ADB to send terminal commands to an Android device to make system level changes.

What is Fastboot: – Like ADB fastboot is also a part of SDK. Fastboot is a tool that can help you to reflash partition and image files on your device. In fastboot, system you can modify the file system images from a computer over a USB connection. Like recovery, you can also install updates and zip files from fastboot.

How to Setup ADB and Fastboot on Windows and Mac OS: –

Setting up ADB and Fastboot is very easy. Since they both are part of the Android SDK package, all you need to do is download the kit (which is over 500 MB) and set up path variables, or you can use below methods to install ADB and fastboot driver on Windows and Mac OS. One of the first things to remember is to put your device in USB debugging mode. Without doing this, your PC won’t recognize your device.

Install ADB and Fastboot on Windows: – There are two best methods to install ADB and fastboot on windows 10,8/8.1/7 and XP. First one is 15 Sec ADB installer and the second one is Minimal ADB and Fastboot. So let’s begin with install ADB and fastboot driver with 15 sec ADB installer.

Install ADB and fastboot driver on Windows with 15 sec ADB installer: –
1) Firstly, download ADB Installer setup file by XDA member @Snoop05. It not only installs ADB it also installs fastboot and USB drivers within 15 seconds.
2) Now run the Exe file adb-setup-1.3.exe.

setup adb and fastboot driver on windows3) Now you see the on-screen command window, follow the instruction. Type ‘Y’ to install the ADB and fastboot driver.

adb and fastboot installer4) It will install the ADB and fastboot drivers on your PC and copied the required files to a particular location.
5) Now type ‘Y’ again to install your device driver. It will take few seconds to install device drivers and after that, your command window will close automatically.

adb google driver6) Congrats you successfully install ADB and fastboot on Windows PC.

Install ADB and fastboot on Windows with Minimal ADB and Fastboot: –
1) Download the Minimal ADB and Fastboot setup by XDA member @shimp208.
2) Run the file minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.3.1_setup.exe.
3) Follow the wizard’s instructions and select where you would like to install Minimal ADB and Fastboot.

adb and fastboot by minimal adb4) Choose the location of the file and complete the setup by following the instruction.
5) Now you successfully install Minimal ADB and Fastboot on your Windows based PC.

install adb and fastboot drivers on windows minimal adbTo check ADB and Fastboot is correctly configured on your PC go to the installation directory press and hold the shift key and press right click and launched the command prompt and type ‘adb devices’. It will show you the list of devices connected.

Check adb is configured properly

setup adb and fastboot

Configuring Business Phone Systems To Windows

Learning how to configure Windows with phone systems for small business will be necessary for many reasons. For one, it is necessary for small businesses if they want to maximize their use of the technology.

Microsoft provides the software that allows a user to connect to the internet, access email, and the control panel. The server software helps all of the programs on the network work together and to operate properly.

Here are some tips when configuring your business’ phone systems to Windows:

  • Purchase A Phone System: Learning how to configure Windows with phone systems for a small business involves purchasing a basic phone system. Many times, this includes a landline. A more up-to-date alternative is a mobile phone, which is a type of phone service provided to people through their cell phones. These devices are capable of providing internet services as well as receiving and placing phone calls.
  • Added Features To Consider: Upgrading an existing unit to include extra capabilities can increase its functionality. The computer systems must also be able to send and receive faxes and to have enough memory to hold the data for each program that is on the network. There may be a file-reorder system, where certain files would be available for quick retrieval, and there could be an internal network that routes calls through multiple locations and servers. The computer systems must be properly configured in order to be used effectively.
  • Check Support Services: Once all the hardware is purchased, a trained employee will install the new system–a support center or technician can help with the installation. They can also instruct users on the best way to use the phone system, such as selecting the best tones for making voice calls and adjusting volume levels. By using a phone system, small businesses may improve productivity and increase profits.

These are the easiest way to install ADB and fastboot on Windows PC. You can also check how to setup ADB and fastboot on Mac OS. If you have any doubts, comment below.


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    Hi! I mistakenly flashed wrong rom on my P9. It is dead now, showing no sign of life. I have tried switching it on by holding the power button for more than 30 seconds, pressed Vol Up + Power, Vol Down + Powe and all 3 buttons together, nothing is helping. In the command window, when i type adb devices, it does not show any device. But when I type fastboot devices, it shows my device. Can it be retrieved by any means? TIA.

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    How are you ? I have Lenovo Ideatab A2107A-H, Android 4.0.3. I was trying to upgrade Android 4.0.3 (ICS) to Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow). I was trying to download TWRP using Flashify but there was no relevant version for my tablet. So, I used Recovery.img file which I have downloaded from somewhere on internet. But when I flashed Recovery.img file using Flashify my lablet rebooted but the the screen stuck on Lenovo screen at the start. I reset my tablet many times but in vain. I also tried power button + volume up button at the same time to go to factory reset but it did not work as well. After that I fully charged my tablet and press power button to start again it stuck on lenovo screen. Would you like to help me out. I will be very thankful to you !

  3. hai my device is displayed when i typed the command adb devices but was not displayed when i type fastboot devices can u help me with this problem

  4. how to open command promt in windows xp ? i cant launch command prompt by pressing shift and right click. please help

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