Recently more people have had to start working from home, and some businesses, if they wanted to continue trading, have had to make provision for that. It is likely that this idea of working from home, which was already popular, will continue to spread, and more businesses will have to accommodate it where necessary. 

Yet working from home isn’t always a comfortable thing to do, despite its many benefits (including increased productivity and being more environmentally friendly). In fact, working from home can be detrimental to some people’s output if they are not happy with the setup. Here are some ideas that will make it much better and help you settle down to work. 

Use the Yard 

For some, their home is their home, and they don’t want to add their working lives to it as it will disrupt the work life balance. With a home office it’s true it can be tempting to work later or just pop in during the weekend to answer an email or get ahead of your work for the next week. 

If this is how you feel and you don’t like the idea of having your work in your home, why not use your yard? The outside space is ideal for building metal buildings to house your home office. You will be out of the house itself, but still not have to commute to work. At the end of the day, you can walk away and lock the door and it won’t interfere with your homelife. This separation of work and home can be done in the house, of course, but it’s easier to do it with a separate building outside. 

Good Lighting 

Lighting is another important consideration. Your home may not have overly bright lighting; the lamps you have are for comfort, rather than for intricate work. That means that wherever you are working from, be it outside in a custom built office, or inside in a spare room, you will need to adjust the lighting so that you don’t get eyestrain, especially if you are working on a computer as this will add to the discomfort after a time. 

If you can’t change the overall lighting in the room to make it brighter (working in dim lighting conditions can cause headaches), then you can invest in a desk lamp instead. This will brighten your work area and is a good compromise. 

The Right Chair 

If you are simply working at the kitchen table using a dining chair, or you are working in your living room on the couch, you are using furniture that was never intended for this purpose. The harder kitchen chairs are meant to keep you upright to digest food properly, but they are not going to be comfortable. The couch is meant to be cosy but won’t give you the position you need to use a laptop properly, at least not without causing discomfort and pain. 

Ideally, you should have a proper desk, and at the very least a good, an ergonomic chair to go with it. This way you will prevent back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee pain, all of which can occur when you are using the wrong chair and which can disrupt your work. 


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