One of the best ways of displaying your expertise as well as building recognition and loyalty for your brand is coming up with an ebook. An ebook also increases your prospective client base and allows you to engage with customers.

Unlike physical books, which require publishing and book printing, eBooks are extremely cost-friendly to make. The biggest consideration is generally the time it takes to come up with the book itself.

Ebooks for small businesses can be an effective marketing tool and many small businesses are in search of the best avenues to get in touch with their target audience without spending a lot of money due to smaller marketing budgets.

Things you need to consider before writing an ebook for your small business

You should have a clear image of your ultimate customer or client if you already have a target audience in mind. Typically, this will be the individual who you would like to read your book therefore, your ideal reader is your ideal customer.

When considering your target audience, dig deep into what their major problems are as well as what answers they are searching for, what are the options presently available to them, and what kind of things they would be searching for on Google. This is a critical step that should not be skipped if you intend to come up with an ebook that people actually want to read.   

Once you have identified what your ebook should contain and who your target audience is. You can begin to create an outline. Once they have read and understood your book, what should your readers be able to do? What do they need to know once they have read and understood?

As far as how much to write is concerned, an ebook does not have any specific length. It’s all about quality over quantity. You should ensure that you are offering the solution you have promised and the content contained in the ebook is not perceived as “shallow” or light so that the reader won’t feel as though they have wasted their time once they complete reading.    

Reason for using ebooks for a small business    

One of the major purposes as to why small businesses use ebooks is to expand the traffic that visits their websites. It is vital to ensure that these visitors are clicking on your websites for the right reasons.

The services and products offered by your business are likely to have a large audience due to the use of ebooks. This increase in traffic can assist increase your sales and provide you with the competitive edge you have been searching for.   

How to use ebooks to market your business  

Supposing your ebook is going to be an element of your marketing tool, you might as well make it work hard for you and your business objectives because even if it’s mainly for credibility, you will want to make sure that you’ve set it up right. The easiest way to do this is to make a landing page where people can choose to enter and get a free copy of your book in exchange for their email address.

Introduction of your ebook idea

You can create an ebook yourself at a very friendly cost. However, there are two areas where you cannot afford to overlook. First and foremost editing and secondly and most importantly cover design. As far as the content is concerned, you can offer a draft or an outline to friends and family or even potential clients to read and give you feedback. This will help your target audience where they will have a chance to access it before it’s officially released on your website.

When it comes to your cover design, this is the first thing that people should see when considering reading your ebook. An amateurish or unnoticeable cover won’t get a lot of clicks. The cover should have a bold design that clearly speaks what your ebook entails and who it is targeting.

Another important factor that you should consider is to have a clear understanding of who your target audience is. Do your research and find out; Who are they? Where are they from? How old are they? When you answer these questions, you are able to create an ebook with content tailor-made for them.

Promotion of your business through your ebook

An ebook offers support to your business by boosting credibility. By coming up with an ebook on your area of expertise only shows that you are proficient in a particular field. This can also be an avenue of other opportunities such as public speaking gigs helping you acquire new clients. You can also offer your existing clients extra services if you would decide to print a physical copy. 

So how can you generate that ‘big bang’ buzz for your ebook launch? You’ll want to get readers thrilled and excited for your book and get people to discuss your ebook in advance. There are lots of things you can do to get the word out to people: One is to communicate the book launch to your social media community as well as your email list. Do a pre-launch with free copies for your target audience on your waiting list. You can also include a download link in your email signature. Get creative and ensure your book receives the launch it deserves.


One of the most effective ways of new marketing for businesses is providing free ebooks which do not require any registration to access them.

These are one of the most effective forms of new marketing. An ebook helps to offer solutions to problems when done well and as a result, buyers value the content, perceiving the writer as trustworthy and one with whom they are comfortable doing business.

And because they have tremendous perceived value, people tend to pass ebooks on via social media and email to friends and colleagues which in turn lead to sales.


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