It would seem that yesterday you were standing in line for a tire fitting to put on a set of winter tires, and today you are waiting for your turn to remove this rubber.

prepare your car for spring

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But if you are a happy owner of your own car and are worried about its safety, as well as your security, then you will have to spend your time and money on this. It is necessary to prepare the car for spring as carefully as for the winter period, because, after driving for three months in frost and snow, the car needs to return to its previous shape. 

This is what we will talk about in our article.

Check the grip

After the cold weather has passed and warm weather has become the norm, do not be too lazy to visit the service to check the clutch. It is likely that slipping on ice and constant “gearing” in winter traffic has meant that this important mechanism requires additional attention.

Visit a tire shop

After replacing winter tires with summer tires, be sure to balance the wheels. An experienced mechanic will tell you right away, but you may want to save money. So, you need to do the balancing, and if you feel that the steering wheel has a backlash, or the car does not listen to it or leads to the side, do the wheel alignment as well.

Check all fluids

Engine oil, washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid. You always remember them, but you never check, and this is fraught with breakdown, if not an accident. Share the required number of consumables, and if necessary, change. Pay attention to the color and density of liquids, since even after a month the tanks should contain what you poured into them. Top up with fluid of the same brand and the same color, otherwise, the systems may fail, and the preparation of the machine for spring will be delayed.

Check how the cooling system and air conditioner work

During the winter, a lot of dirt and dust has accumulated in the radiator cells, which can damage the car’s cooling system, and as a result, the engine overheats, and then expensive repairs can no longer be avoided. It does not hurt to clean the entire engine compartment.

The situation is similar to the air conditioning system. Car thermostats need seasonal maintenance, namely: cleaning the entire system, replacing filters, refueling, and adjusting.

Charge the battery

The cold has been a serious test for your battery, so make sure it’s in good condition and doesn’t leak. It is recommended to charge the battery to the maximum from the mains, and older batteries may need to check the electrolyte level and top up with distilled water.

Hit the brakes

If you hear a whistle from under the bottom of your car, or if the braking distance has increased, consider checking the entire braking system of the car. Don’t skimp on brakes.

Visit a car wash

Many drivers consider it nonsense to wash their car in the winter, which is why when they do get to the car wash while preparing the car for spring, it becomes almost impossible to return the real bright color from under the layers of dried dirt. The salon deserves a special and careful attitude – go through the seats with a vacuum cleaner, and leave the rest to specialists.

Corrosion protection

If, after visiting the car wash, signs of corrosion are noticeable on the car, hurry up to treat the body with an anti-corrosion solution. You should also paint over all scratches to avoid the spread of corrosion throughout the body.

All of the above tips also apply to old, foreign and other cars.


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