Many TikTok users dream about getting famous on this social media platform. Fortunately, they have every chance to reach this goal by following a set of fundamental principles and guidelines.

Regardless of the critique, whether constructive or not, TikTok is a significant part of modern culture. We can see the videos from it almost everywhere, including other platforms to which users upload them. With its ever-growing popularity, it is not surprising that getting popular on TikTok is an issue that bothers a significant portion of this app’s actual or potential users. 

Whether one uses TikTok for entertainment, self-affirmation, or marketing purposes, having a substantial number of followers never hurts, especially if they actively interact with the creator and share the videos throughout the Internet. If you are one of those people interested in expanding your TikTok audience, this article is for you.  

How to gain TikTok popularity?

The fundamental principles you need to keep in mind to become famous on TikTok are creativity and persistence. TikTok users (usually referred to as TikTokers) are always interested in creative and fun videos that stand out in the general background. Most of them are young people, so, no matter how good and informative you believe your content is, it should also be interesting to them.

Gaining popularity on TikTok is more complicated than performing this same task on the other platforms. The only type of content you can make is videos. It’s always more challenging to reach perfection in one particular sphere than combining different creative items, such as images and textual posts, to build your audience. This is the main feature that distinguishes TikTok from Facebook or Instagram. 

However, there’s no need to give up. With these basic tips, your chances to gain TikTok fame will become much higher:

  • Interact with other TikTik users.

User cooperation is much higher on TikTok than anywhere else. It can manifest itself in making videos together, mentioning other TikTokers in your content, giving shoutouts to one other, or commenting on the videos of those users you admire. These actions are not only fun but also beneficial to your statistics since, by interacting with other TikTokers, you have high chances to get noticed and expand your audience. Besides, if you are too busy to deal with high volumes of other people’s content, you can always use a TikTok bot that will interact with their posts in the ways you will program it to. 

  • Establish your image with a good first impression.

Think about what the audience notices first when interacting with a new profile. For sure, the first thing to catch their eyes is a profile picture. If you manage to make a good first impression with an interesting and high-quality profile pic, you will encourage new people to explore your profile further by watching the videos uploaded there. Therefore, try to make your profile picture eye-catching and memorable.

  • Take care of your looks.

Another distinctive feature of TikTok is the attention that its users pay to the appearance of content creators. The more well-groomed, stylish, and beautiful a person looks, the more changes he or she has to attract followers. Therefore, pay attention to putting yourself in order before shooting a video. This statement is also relevant to the technical quality of your content and the background view.

  • Appeal to a particular niche

TikTok is a multifaceted social platform that includes many segments, niches, fandoms, and interest groups. Select a bunch of topics you are interested and competent in and focus your videos on them. 

  • Don’t neglect the tags.

Similarly to other platforms, TikTok heavily relies on hashtags. They help the users find the content they are interested in and facilitate the creators’ efforts to engage with the audience they want to attract. Moreover, some tags are trending and, by including them in your videos’ description, you increase your chances to get noticed. 

  • Take part in TikTok challenges.

Various challenges are an inseparable part of this social media platform. They engage numerous users and reveal new talents to the audience. Therefore, don’t ignore this important part of TikTok culture; take part in the existing challenges and launch new ones. Put all your creativity into this task, and you’ll be able to succeed. 

  • Don’t expect instant fame. 

TikTok success is being obtained step by step. Don’t set excessively high goals. For starters, get 50 likes on TikTok. Then move forward to 100, 200, up until your likes ratio is the same as that of famous TikTokers. Sky’s the limit, but nobody reaches the sky immediately.

  • Be creative

Although this advice may sound superficial, creativity is, in fact, the essence of TikTok success. Think about the ways in which you may contribute to the platform by creating something new and original instead of replicating the existing trends. Of course, you can take your inspiration from watching other users’ content but try not to duplicate them blindly. The more creative you are, the bigger chances to get noticed you have. 

Alternative ways to increase the number of your likes and followers on TikTok

A person willing to gain TikTok popularity is usually concerned about getting more likes and followers, which are the leading indicators of fame on this app. The tips mentioned above will most likely help you become more popular. Meanwhile, you can also utilize resources, such as, that will grow your views. For some of you, it could become a more comfortable way of reaching your goals that requires less time and effort.

Final words

To conclude, gaining TikTok fame is a reachable goal. You can achieve it in a conventional way by following the tips described in this article or relying on specialized resources. Whatever path you choose, remember that gaining TikTok fame is only half the way. You have to be creative and original to keep and expand your audience, reaching the levels of the most famous TickTokers and, thus, realizing yourself on this platform. 


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