Prada designer sunglasses or counterfeit eyewear? This difference is critical for our eyes’ protection since it decides whether they are sheltered from the sun or exposed to damaging UV rays.

Although false sunglasses are often inexpensive and widely accessible, they may harm our eyes in various ways.

Why are counterfeit sunglasses bad for our eyes?

Fake Prada sunglasses men provide little or no UV protection and are, therefore, more damaging to our eyes than wearing no glasses. It is because dark lenses dilate our pupils, enabling harmful UV rays to enter our eyes unfettered.

Furthermore, the lens glass is likely of poor quality and will break or shatter in an accident. It might severely harm the eye and, in the worst-case situation, result in blindness.

You must shield your eyes and stay away from fake sunglasses. We’ll show you how in our series “How to Spot Fake Sunglasses.”

Let us now look at Prada.

Two ways to identify fake Prada sunglasses

  1. Examine the logo

Take note of the logo, particularly the letter R. This letter’s right ‘leg’ is slanted out and hinged to the remainder of the letter with a notched-out area on the original sunglasses. The ‘R’ of the Prada emblem has a very particular form: a slant at the bottom, with a piece missing from the inner top section. Compared to the booklet and carry case, this angled ‘R’ will seem less prominent on the model itself.

  1. Examine the lenses

The serial number is etched on the right lens of the later versions, while the Prada emblem engraves on the left.

Are there serial numbers on Prada sunglasses?

For later versions, the product’s serial number engraves into the top portion of the right lens. The serial number is relatively short, making it difficult for counterfeiters to copy. The Prada logo is frequently imprinted on the left lens as well.

The Prada emblem will also illuminate the inner arm of the model, along with ‘Created in Italy,’ to demonstrate that the sunglasses were made at the Luxottica plant in Italy, where all Prada sunglasses men are made. All Prada sunglasses will also include the ‘CE’ or ‘UKCA’ mark on the inner arm to signify that they comply with European Union and UK health, safety, and environmental requirements.

You may also be specified in UV protection since all of the sunglasses from Feel Good Contacts block out 100% UVA and UVB radiation.

The model number will be shown on the inside of the opposite arm, beginning with’s’ for sunglasses, then ‘PR’ for Prada, followed by the model number. The lens diameter, components, and nose bridge measures are also indicated in mm, for example, 53 / 22.

The colour code will come next, followed by the arms’ length and, finally, the lens category. 

Bottom Line

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