In the current climate, most businesses are establishing working from home and this sudden change in routine can be quite difficult for some. Indeed, it can make people feel very lonely and negatively affect the mental health of your employees. According to a study, an overwhelming 80% of workers feel that working from home has negatively impacted their mental health. 

Despite all of that, there are ways to show appreciation and reward your employees. Although, you can’t magically solve loneliness, anxiety or even depression, you can definitely acknowledge their pain and ease it as much as possible. We’ve put together some ideas you can implement as a CEO or business owner.

Treat them to something special

Who doesn’t like a gift? It may seem simple but offering a little something to your employees can make them feel appreciated and valued. You could send them a wellness box packed with candles, bath salt and creams or a lovely food hamper from a local food store or deli. If your business is close to the English capital, why not gift them some London Eye tickets to appreciate the beautiful city from above? 

Say “thank you”

A “thank you” or “well done” can make all the difference to an employee’s day. Indeed, adjusting to working from home can be really hard for some and sometimes a simple “thank you” can motivate your employees and therefore push them to be more productive and reliable on a daily basis. Another way to show your gratitude is to acknowledge their achievements and hard work company-wide, so when one of your employees hits a target or does a great job, why not send over an email to everyone? 

Create some virtual perks

While you can’t meet in person, there are still ways to connect with people through video. You could organise an informal chat over drinks on Zoom/Teams/Skype every week or do a weekly quiz and game night. Employees need to stay connected to each other despite being apart, it is essential for team building but also for the overall mental health of your employees. Try to reach out to all of your employees because some may feel especially lonely during lockdowns without any family or friends around.

Professional development

Now more than ever is a good time to push your employees to develop their career further. You could offer them some training in the subjects you feel they are lacking, such as conflict management or public speaking courses or you could ask them if they are interested in learning anything new. Giving them access to online courses or even tutors so they can specialise in a certain subject or even learn a new language could be a great way to enhance your employees’ talents. 


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