We have to deal with different types of people in our life. Some may be generous, some selfish, while some may be helping others not so much. We might say this is the beauty of life. People teach us lessons by their appearance in our lives. 

However, if there is one type of person we all know, we would avoid with a ten-yard stick, it has to be the incompetent ones. Popular 7 Figure Agency founder and entrepreneur Deepak Shukla has some of the best suggestions for dealing with incompetent coworkers. He has compiled a set of strategies to ensure everyone delivers their best at their business or work. 

The Many Steps to Handle Incompetent Coworkers

The first step would be to go the Zen mode in handling the incompetent coworkers. While it is challenging to stay cool with people who are not competent at work, it is best for your mental peace. In addition, it would only affect your productivity. 

So, stay cool and try to talk sense as this is the best way to start dealing with incompetent coworkers. Just because they made a foolish mistake at work is also not going to be a reason for you firing them. It will only create an awful image of yours in the office. 

Incompetent people often do not want to listen to your reason or see sense. So, we understand that if you are yourself a perfectionist or a veteran and find the person is not even putting an effort. Do not get into any heated argument though you may also have the fullest intention and desire to burst out. 

Instead of explaining, try to empathize and imagine what could have been the reason for their mistakes. If a person is repeatedly coming late to work and is suggesting a valid reason, talk to him and suggest solutions. 

Another vital step to do for constructive criticism would be to note all the mistakes a person makes. If these are irrational errors, talk to them in private about these. 

Personality Development and More

While dealing with incompetent coworkers, remember whether you bother about their work or overall personality. You may have a specific professional need for decorum or behavior. To ensure they blend in with your ideologies, communicate the same with them. If you can, check on their progress and test them from time to time. 

Have team meets and regular personality development programs. These should be a great way to nurture the person and make their overall personality and attitude more productive. 

While checking and correcting the same, try to understand if that effort you put in their improvement will bring in a better turnaround for your firm or not. It is a crucial judgment to make, and also, you should appreciate it even if the person makes a slight change. The journey to improve a personality is long-term work, and your efforts might soon give you the best employee you always dreamed of getting! 


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