The pandemic and the quarantine showed us that all things can change rapidly and we have to find the strength to adapt if we want to survive, just like in the wilderness thousands of years ago. The changing labor landscape also showed that many people can achieve impressive levels of productivity working from home. But what does that tell us about remote work? How can we identify the factors that can help our productivity grow?

While working in our underwear does sound tempting, for many people remote work means an abundance of distractions waiting around the corner when working from home. House chores, family members, meal planning, and extra noise to name a few.  Here are some ideas to make sure you stay at the top of your game.

Stay connected 

It’s the 21st century out there. Naturally, all of our work depends on the internet and how well and fast we can use it. So Job 1, while preparing your “working nest” at home is to boost the reception and the wifi to the max. To improve your mobile signal, you have to use a cell phone signal booster, go ahead and choose the right one for you. This device will keep you available at all times, even if you live atop a mountain, or work from your basement. Anything that will help you complete your tasks in a fast and effective manner. 

Watch your health

Being in good physical and mental health is a crucial component in our lives. We need to make sure our conditions benefit our health and not the opposite. It all depends on the overall climate of your area and the conditions in the house. If you live in a humid environment, think about getting an electric dehumidifier  that will correct air humidity to your personally preferred level. If the high temperature is the problem, invest in a quality air conditioner. 

Exercise, fresh air, and good night’s sleep are also the primary solutions when it comes to keeping our bodies and minds healthy. 


Yes, organizing sounds (and often is) boring, but when it comes to work, nothing can be as beneficial for productivity as consistency and habit. Eliminating distractions is key, such as social media and the phone in general, that looks just too tempting to leave alone. Try to work in bursts efficiently and quickly, taking breaks as you accomplish certain tasks. It might not be as exciting as leaving all the work till the last minute, but it will get you where you need to go. 

Learn to relax

Creating a habit takes a lot of effort and can be stressful. Give your brain a well-deserved break. When it’s time to relax, don’t count on scrolling to numb your brain. Find a hobby for yourself, and enjoy your downtime. Switching activity every so often is beneficial for your mental powers and will give you some peace and quiet. You don’t have to choose between meditation and alcohol. There are lots of hobbies to take up. Even if you have to scroll or watch youtube, give yourself a time limit and stick to it.

Get enough sleep

Yes, we get it, you have a deadline to meet. But sleep is the cornerstone of a productive brain. Make time for your power recharge and leave your head on the pillow for at least 7 hours. Enough sleep will keep your concentration abilities sharp and will prevent burnout. That’s why this advice got its own spot on the list, instead of just joining the “health” category. It’s not just the health issue. Getting enough sleep is the brain’s way to tap into its internal resources. If you don’t let your mind rest, the creativity levels will go down, along with concentration and problem solving skills. 

Working from home can be tough. But it’s all doable if you follow the advice above and try to find your ground amid the craze race we are in. Work hard, relax, then work hard again, and see the difference.  



Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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