Making videos for your clothing brand can be a great way to give your existing and potential customers a chance to get to know you and your business. It can also be a more personal way to make announcements, such as about important milestones you’re experiencing. So let’s talk about ways using videos can help you promote your clothing brand.

use videos for promoting your clothing brand

Make an introduction

Creating an introduction video for your clothing business can be a fantastic way to let viewers know more about you, how your company came to be, and any other tidbits of info you think shoppers would like to experience. Make sure you come across as friendly and warm as you’re discussing with a friend sitting across from you. You don’t have to go into every little detail about you and your business; save some additional information for future videos or posts.

Announce upcoming happenings

Videos are a fun, personalized way to announce upcoming happenings with your clothing business. For example, if the holidays are approaching and you have deals planned that you think your customers will love, make one or more short videos discussing the values and what your customers can expect.

Another topic of discussion can be a change in store hours, such as if you’re switching your standard hours to summer hours or you’re planning on staying later to accommodate holiday shoppers. However, make sure you also have the change of hours posted elsewhere, such as on your website and your social media page, so that customers can remember all the changes mentioned in the video.

Upcoming clothing releases and adding many new items to your inventory can also be worthy of a video. A further boost of summer inventory, new clothing designs you put a lot of effort into, and new services–like a gift wrapping service at your store–can be some of the additional topics of videos you may want to consider.

Show styling options

Videos give off a different vibe than photographs, so while there’s nothing wrong with doing the latter, doing both could be even better. Show how to style some of your favorite clothing items you stock in your store. For example, if you stock the Bella + Canvas unisex sponge fleece raglan sweatshirt, you could show off different outfit ideas like pairing it with dark wash jeans, black leggings, or a black leather jacket. Should you decide to showcase a great t-shirt you can’t get enough of, a video idea can be all the different ways your customers could wear it with different styles of jeans.

You can do many styling videos, but consider first focusing on the ones your customers would most want to see and those that are time-sensitive, such as ones involving seasonal styling or clothing products you just got in. Also, remember to include other items you sell via your clothing brand, so customers can get different ideas on creating multiple outfits from even a handful of clothing items you sell.

Discuss fashion tips and tricks

If you’re in the fashion business, chances are you’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way, which your customers might like to know more about through a video. For example, you may be fantastic at tying a scarf in different ways, or you’re an expert at layering without making the clothes look heavy or bulky. Whatever you think you’re great at that has to do with fashion, think about if it’s something your customers would find beneficial. Then, consider incorporating one or more of your items into the video.

Announce milestones

If your clothing business recently celebrated a fantastic new milestone, doing a video is an excellent way to announce it. For example, if you hit a certain number of sales in a quarter or year, or you finally got a particular number of followers on social media, share the good news. It can help your customers (rightfully) feel like they were part of helping you reach that milestone, but make sure you thank them since they’re the ones who are helping to keep your business going. Everyone loves to feel appreciated.

Show behind-the-scenes action

It’s one thing to see how a clothing business presents itself daily through a series of photographs and posts, but it’s another when there’s a video of some behind-the-scenes action. Unfortunately, access to this type of information can feel like secrets will be revealed at any moment.

While you don’t want to reveal too much private information, make your viewers feel like they’re part of the action. For example, talk about how you decide what clothes you order for your store, choose outfits to display in your shop, and what a day in life is like for you.

Video ideas and posting

If you need help with what types of videos to post for your clothing brand, all you have to do is ask your customers what they want to see next. They can give you video ideas you didn’t even think of doing or that you thought your viewers would have no interest in seeing.

You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with videos, but you also don’t want to go weeks without posting a new one. So decide what you feel is best for you, but stick to a set schedule. An excellent way to do this is to plan and do several videos ahead of time. Then, if you get busy and need more time to create a new video or you’re having a block about what content to talk about, you still have a good collection of options to post.

Start by making a list of videos you want to create for your clothing brand. Once you have the ideas in place, make a list of talking points for each. It can help you stay organized and prepare how to do each video.


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