The ultimate goal for any marketing campaign is to reach a particular audience from which some leads will convert to customers. Legal content can attract clients, keep them engaged, and even convince them that you are the best solution for their legal dilemmas. 

If done right, content marketing can also establish your law firm as a thought leader on legal matters. This way, your audience will always turn to you for advice, which can do wonders on website traffic and organic search engine optimization (SEO).  

Written content is also crucial for legal SEO. Without well-crafted and valuable content that includes popular keywords, your law firm is unlikely to reach its SEO goals. Here’s how to write law firm website content that converts.

Answer Questions Through Content

You’ve heard many times that content should offer value. One of the ways to achieve this is by answering the visitors’ questions. 

Potential leads that arrive on your website are looking for particular answers that they hope you can provide. If your content does not do this adequately, they will not hesitate to go to your competitor and probably never return to your website. 

To fully understand some of the issues your audience is experiencing, do your research on places like FAQ sections, social media comments, and customer support lines.

Research and Use Keywords

Keywords help your content rank among the top results when potential clients search for services like yours. This gives your law firm an advantage because more than 70% of internet users do not consider searching results beyond the first page.

Start by researching high-performing keywords in the legal industry as well as the different areas you have specialized in. Next, incorporate them into your content without compromising on quality. Remember to research and include local keywords so that search engines display your content to relevant local searches.  

Use Simple Language

One of the top things that will turn away website visitors faster than they clicked on your link is using technical and formal language. Your target audience comprises people from various backgrounds and only a few likely understand this type of legal jargon. 

With plain language and simple sentences, information becomes easy to digest and visitors are likely to stay longer on your site and even consider hiring your legal services.  

Organize Your Content for Logical Flow

High-quality content that answers your audience’s questions but lacks organization and flow will not keep them for long on your law firm website. 

Logical flow helps your audience navigate smoothly from one sentence, idea, or paragraph to the other. It captures the full attention of site visitors, making it easy for them to read through and even consider taking the intended action at the end.

To achieve flow with your legal content, ensure that you have an idea of what the entire post will entail by preparing an outline beforehand. 

Hire a Legal Content Firm

Writing content for your legal website might sound easy because after all, you have adequate legal knowledge. However, producing content that converts involves more than just writing down facts. You need to create a content strategy based on your audience’s problems, research and integrate keywords, simplify the legal jargon to a layman’s language, keep up with content performance through analytics, among other overwhelming tasks. 

It’s not uncommon for attorneys to be caught up with client meetings and lawsuits, leaving no time to develop content. Hiring a legal marketing company to take care of your content needs will save you both time and money. Their knowledge of marketing trends and experience in helping law firms like yours also guarantees increased conversion rates.


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