As more and more companies are embracing new digital technologies, the role of smartphones for business is also getting critical. With its user-friendly features, smartphones are playing a significant role in streamlining processes and bridging the gaps in communication.  

Gone are the days, when things were done manually, now we are connected to our family, business and other contacts, like never. In today’s world, there is hardly anybody who does not own a smartphone,, therefore, companies are also creating mobile applications for their employees, using which they can carry out their daily operations, whether that be on the sales floor, office operations, manufacturing unit or in the warehouse. With this power of connectivity, employees can serve their customers and resolve their queries in real-time.

Improve Your Business with Mobile Technology

The smartphone is a real boon to businesses that operate across various cities and countries. Here, with the help of mobile software, the operations across offices can be integrated and managed centrally. Moreover, employees can connect with other offices through enterprise management software and carry out their management activities. In this way, employees can work more optimally, and executives can make better business decisions.

Now let’s look at some popular ways in which mobile technology can help businesses.


  • Brings Businesses Closer to Customers


Mobile technology is slowly bringing brands closer to their customers in ways that were never thought off, even a decade ago. Today, businesses can be directly in touch with their partners and customers through direct messaging, mobile wallets and many more advanced features. Moreover, VR technology is allowing brands to innovate like never. Recently, a travel company used VR technology to give them a real-time experience of popular holiday destinations. These innovations are path-breaking and revolutionary.


  • Improves Communication


The messaging tools like skype on mobile, WhatsApp for business and Slack and can help the entire workforce to stay in touch with each other. Across organizations, these tools are used to stay connected. The best part of these tools is that you can use them on your mobile, desktop and tablets.


  • A boon to Maintenance Managers


The mobile-based CMMS software is the new trend that is catching up very fast, especially for the manufacturing sector. Through this technology, technicians can receive real-time information, send and collect work orders, create reports and store data accurately. The CMMS software has helped companies migrate from the reactive maintenance process to a more accurate and efficient method of predictive maintenance.


  • Eliminates Paper-Work


The mobile built cloud-based platforms enables organisations, both small or big, to collate and share documents of any size- at any time, and from anywhere – within minutes. Due to cloud software, the need for printouts for reports and documentation has been eliminated. Now on the cloud, files can be stored and accessed by multiple parties from any device and at any time. This has made work easy and hassle-free.


  • Data is easily available


The Mobile-based CMMS software can not only store data but also create dashboards with graphical analysis to compare the performance of assets, cost of operations, year on year cost comparison etc. Further, mobiles CMMS allows users to access data from anywhere, and at any time. With the help of this data, the management can evaluate the different parameters and take necessary business decisions.


Mobile technology is indeed a game-changer for all businesses. It has brought processes and people together, like never.


Sumit is a Tech and Gadget freak and loves writing about Android and iOS, his favourite past time is playing video games.

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