Like Facebook, YouTube, LINE and Twitter, Instagram marketing can help you increase brand name recognition across the internet and drive traffic to your website. Everyone seems to have an Instagram website. It has become of the immediate success stories and draws millions of users to its visual-oriented platform. 

It’s also a highly effective platform for marketing and advertising, with over 60% of its users saying they’ve discovered new products and services on through Instagram marketing and over 75% of those users saying they’ve taken some action because of this discovery.

Use Facebook Data on Instagram

The fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook works in favour of marketers and advertisers. They can use the vast database of Facebook to target their ads as effectively as on their parent company’s platform. But there are some differences that you should be aware of. 

Instagram is set up differently from Facebook to take advantage of the more visual nature of the platform. You can place your ads using any of six formats. 

Different Formats Invite Creativity

Effective Instagram marketing is all about combining beautiful visuals with your brand’s message. The six formats of Instagram ads allow you to experiment to see which format creates the most interest in your brand’s products and services.  

Stories Ads allow advertisers to combine videos with text to create interactive ads that respond to the user’s commands. When created by a skilled digital marketing agency, they can be addictive and captivating. 

Image Ads are basic and clean static ads that use a square or landscape format template which a graphic designer uses as a canvas. 

With Video Ads, your brand can produce up to 120-second ads that can target your audience with movement and animation. These ads are ideal for products that need to be demonstrated to attract buyers. With Video Ads, you can tell a complete story with your two minutes.

Carousel Ads work well for multiple products or a marketing strategy that depends on acquainting the user with a brand’s complete line of products.  

Collection Ads offer both video and images. You could have a short video introducing your brand’s product line and then follow it by showing still images of the various product details. 

“Discover” Ads are used in Instagram marketing to expand the reach of targeted ads. The “Discover” section of the platform is where people go to find new subjects and experiences. By presenting your products and service as something new and exciting, you reach new audiences that are then directed to your website. 

Work with an Experience Instagram Marketing Agency

To get the most out of all six formats, it’s always good to partner with a digital marketing agency experienced in Instagram marketing and advertising. They’re the experts in using the market data supplied by Facebook. They can help you create ads that make an impact on your desired audience, as well as your bottom line right from the start. They’ll help you create a winning marketing strategy and stretch your marketing budget to make your ads as effective as possible.  


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