Robust security and patrolling service are necessary for offices or commercial complexes to prevent untoward incidents. While a team of efficient security guards guard a complex, there are always chances of security breaches. Manual recording of the incident takes a longer time and is quite outdated. 

Reporting and security guard management systems help a service provider agency automate the process. With technological advancement and increased dominance of the digital channel, the software is a significant upgrade to overall management. 

Instant update of security incidents 

The advanced incident reporting software is the best way to instantly report an incident, add necessary evidence like images or videos, and get a dispatch team ready for immediate action. The software system for incident reporting or the security guard management software helps initiate straight, streamlined communication between clients, service agencies and guards or patrol officers.

As soon as any incident is reported, the information or data is shared across the management and the respective team. The incident insight helps management to take action by identifying the nature of the security risk. A team of guards is immediately dispatched if it is a physical security incident. However, if there is a security breach in the data, a team of IT engineers is notified to handle the situation. 

Advance geo-fencing integration 

The security software is integrated with geofencing to prevent malicious attacks on the data system. Geofencing accurately detects the entry or exit of someone via the virtual geofence. Third-party intruders that cross the geofence might steal the data and confidential information by hacking into the system. Hence, as the security software detects such suspicious activity, the IT team is notified to take actionable measures and prevent any severe crisis. 

Management of the security guards 

It is not uncommon that some incidents occur due to the negligence of the security guards. The lack of an automated system makes it difficult to keep track of the performance and productivity of each security guard. The security management software helps manage, schedule, and monitor the security guards’ activities, even remotely. The security guards must update and report any incident to maximize overall security. 

  • The software does an outstanding job of streamlining the workforce. It does not require long hours of spreadsheet scheduling and creating the rosters. The software comes with in-built tools that make scheduling security guard rosters convenient. 
  • The security guard tracking software is significant for tracking and monitoring the whereabouts of security during duty time. It prevents any lapse and hence identifies if an incident took place due to negligence by the guards.
  • The software marks the attendance of the security guards. The in-built tools help mark the guards’ log-in and log-out time. 
  • All the data is in one place and easy to retrieve anytime, anywhere. The attendance, leaves, overtime hours, and data on rostering help with overall payroll management for the security guards. 

Periodic training and duty allotment through software 

The software makes it easy to connect and train the workforce with updated information. The duties and responsibilities are assigned to the guards based on the client’s requirements. Supervisors can connect with the guards and provide mandatory training regarding the service. The software gives the security guards access and makes it easy for the supervisor to assign and allot duties. As part of the training program, guards are updated with any necessary information and maintain transparency. 

Summing up

Integrating security software systems helps better manage the security guard workforce and track their performance. The incident reporting system ensures quick reporting of any breach or suspicious activity. As the management reads and analyses the incident, an actionable resolution is taken to prevent any threat or rectify any breach. Helps manage, schedule, and remotely monitor the security guards’ activities. The security guards must update and report any incident to maximize overall security. 


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