Is it possible to dominate search engines through SEO? The answer is definitely, “Yes.” SEO or search engine optimization is becoming complicated and tougher with every passing day. Consequently, ranking for your website also becomes difficult. However, if you are well aware of the nuances of SEO, you can still dominate the scenario very well and come out triumphant.

Is it possible to dominate search engines through SEO?

In this article, this is precisely what we will talk about. The write-up will deal with the following sub-topics, namely,

1.     What measures will you take to stay on the top ranking wise?

2.     Latest SEO trends to watch out for

Let us delve deeper into the topics described above,

What measures will you take to stay on the top ranking wise?

First and foremost, you must not treat SEO just as a tool to get good ranking. You aim must be to use it to get web traffic that is of the right kind. So, let us take a glance at the different ways you can adopt for the same.

1) Choosing keywords wisely- This is not just selecting the keywords or keyphrases you usually do. It is important to understand that you have to set the platform for customers even before they intend to buy from your website.

As such, you have to know the “intent” keywords first. It holds true not just from the search engine optimization point of view but also if you have opted for pay per click campaigns. This, however, does not mean that you have to leave out the other keywords.

2) Use tools wisely – From time to time, the search engine major rolls out tools that ensure better ranking and search results for companies that sell stuff online. Even if it is about OOH or Out-of-home advertising, selection of vital keywords still matters. If required, give yourself time and opt for the trial and error method to hit upon the right set of keywords. Getting back returns from your SEO strategies will take time, but the effects will last longer.

3) Ranking – This is essentially one of the requisites of any SEO outcome. It is important to focus on newer terms. But there is always a disappointing aspect to this. It takes a lot of time for new terms to get ranking or noticed.

It will require your patience and perseverance.  There are many tools by the search engine giant that will help you to rank better.

4) Keep your content updated- Whenever you make changes to the preferred keywords or key phrases, make sure that the content is altered or freshly updated accordingly.

Maintaining your website content does not just mean textual content but visuals like videos and images aside from the sound.

5) Hire services of professionals – Once you are aware of the nuances of this success tool, you can better your chances of getting a good rank and enhancing your web presence by availing services of companies that excel in this field like Keyword Fyrebirdspecialists.

An important aspect that you must keep in mind is that compare quotes and plans and success rates of these companies before you can finally sign on the dotted lines.

6) Adhere to changing algorithms of search engines – This is important. It is a well-known fact that search engine major Google keeps rolling out newer updates with the main objective of enhancing user experience.

As such, to keep pace with the changing algorithms of the search engine, you must alter and re-adjust your SEO strategies too. Also, it is best to follow religiously what the new update requires you to do for optimum results for your online business.

Coming to the next part of the write-up, let us find out the probable trends that manifest themselves in SEO trends this year and the ones that will spill-over to the next year 2020 too.

Latest SEO trends to watch out for

The following trends will continue to manifest itself in the current as well as next year.

1) Mobile-First Update effects – Studies reveal that more than 58% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. It means that handheld devices have a huge potential to generate revenue and increase digital footfalls.

Since most of the companies have realized this, the companies that still have not migrated to mobile devices or made websites for mobiles are not keeping any stones unturned in doing so.

2) Poor content faced a penalty – As per previous updates related to the content, it will not be wrong to say that every time Google found out poor, irrelevant content, it nailed the website. Initially, though, not many website owners changed their strategies, but once they found out that there was no alternative, they quickly realized the changes and opted for them too.

3) Rank Brain reined the scenario – Ever since its release in 2019 by Google, rankings have become automated. It is also about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning pertaining to the search engine major’s algorithms. The best part about it is that it can visualize or program rankings in real-time as far as search results are concerned.

One of the typical examples of the application of Rank Brain is the ease with which CTR or click-through-rate entices a visitor.

Most importantly, experts believe that this trend about Rank Brain effectiveness will continue even beyond 2020, and the effects will manifest itself closely as far as eCommerce websites are concerned.

4) Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) still reigns – Keyword stuffing, forceful incorporation of keywords, and increasing keyword density deliberately no longer works. LSI will help you to stay around words that are the most relevant to the topic your content is dealing with.

As such, you can sue the LSI tool or graph to analyze the extent to which your content is using the right set of words and key phrases.

Last but not least, remember the following essential aspects when you address your SEO requirements and issues for marketing campaigns and to get a good return on investment and these are-

  • Your financial capacity to sustain SEO efforts and implement strategies. This is important because you cannot go overboard with subscriptions and software investments if your finance is limited
  • Your business needs
  • Your long term goals

Consider where do you want to see your company 5 years from now? Based on that Strength of your team to meet visitor queries and requirements.


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