Driving is an everyday affair in metro cities these days. According to the report, most of the accidents often occur at night, and in harsh weather conditions, fog, rain or low-light conditions. In these conditions, the Night Vision System allows the driver to have a clear view of the road even in low visibility due to low lighting or poor weather conditions.

The built-in Night Vision System is currently limited to luxury vehicles. If you want to install a night vision system in your car, you can try Lanmodo Vast. Lanmodo Vast is a night vision camera for your car that helps you to provide an enhanced vision of the roads. The Lanmodo Vast night vision camera system uses a front-facing camera and smart image processing to provide greater visibility in the low light or bad weather.

The Lanmodo Vast has a 1080P and Full-color Image night vision camera and 7 glass lens with an infrared optical filter that allows more clear and bright images. It has visibility up to 300m, this will help the driver judge the road conditions quickly when driving.

Lanmodo Automotive Night Vision Camera

Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Camera Features

  • 36° HD Wide-angle Vision
  • 8.2″ Full Color 1080P High Resolution Image
  • Applicable to Any Car Model
  • Suitable for Night/Rainy/Foggy Days
  • Night View Distance up to 984 ft/300M
  • Multifunction, can be portable night vision device
  • 7G full glass HD optical lens
  • Easy installation

Lanmodo Automotive Night Vision Camera Different Situations –

Lanmodo night vision camera helps the drivers in times of the rainy season, night time, in foggy weather, and many other conditions. Lanmodo night vision camera can easily be installed in your car dashboard or on your car mirror.

Lanmodo Automotive Night Vision Camera

1) Rainy Days – On rainy days it is very difficult to see the road clearly which causes trouble for the driver. But Lanmodo automotive car night vision camera is helpful to drivers to clearly distinguish road conditions to improves driving safety.

2) Night Time – Visibility issues occur mostly during night time leading to various accidents. Many people face the issue and it is very hard to judge the distance during the night. With the Lanmodo night vision camera make the nighttime as bright as the daytime, helping judge the road conditions quickly when driving.

3) Foggy Weather – In foggy weather, it is very difficult to judge the road condition even with the vehicle headlights. Lanmodo automotive car night vision camera can help the driver to see farther in the foggy weather, predicting the road ahead and taking precautions in advance to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Lanmodo Night Vision Camera Installation Process

The installation process of the Lanmodo Night Camera System is truly effortless as compared to the in-built systems. There are 2 methods to install it and you can install it by yourself. The device can be powered through the included OBD adapter or 12V cigarette-lighter style power adapter.

You can either fix the camera to a non-slip mat and then attach it to the dashboard or you can Hook the night vision camera to the suction cup, then attach the suction to the windshield. In both cases, after placing the camera, you can connect the night vision system to a cigarette lighter or OBD adapter with its cable. You can also connect to a Lanmodo rear-facing backup camera which is optional and you need to purchase that separately.


The Lanmodo Vast night vision system is available on both the Lanmodo store or in Amazon. Lanmodo’s Vast 1080P Automotive Night Vision System normally sells for $499, and you can get $100 off for the time being if you are buying it from Lanmodo official website. You can get the discount by applying coupon code – LMDNV_STG

Lanmodo Official Website      Amazon

Wrapping Up:

If you drive a lot during the night or want to keep safe then you should try Lanmodo Automotive Night Vision Camera. It can be helpful in bad conditions like weak light, rainy weather, etc. In our opinion, Lanmodo vast is the most important accessories for your car and it is totally worth buying.


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