Ebikes are quickly becoming the new favorite way to traverse across town. It is not only eco-friendly but also good for physical exercise. The combination of a folding bike and electric bikes is by far one of the coolest bike creations you can ride. You get the compact nature of a folding bike, topped off with a motor that can provide effortless riding across a variety of surfaces.

Fat tire electric bikes are extremely comfortable and quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of e-bike on the market today and for good reason. A fat tire electric bike has the advantage of having 4-inch-wide fat tires that can absorb impact shock and make riding more enjoyable. Fat tire e-bikes usually have a high weight capacity and more surface contact with the ground, providing enhanced traction and stability.

The Lesoos FatSky Folding Electric Bike is a great example of a bike that can pretty much do it all. You get a full suspension, a powerful motor, and of course the ability to fold it down to a fraction of its riding size. It also comes with an advanced high-quality removable battery, puncture Resistant Fat Tire, and 3 working modes. To add to that, the price is very affordable compared to most competitors with similar features and performance.


The Lesoos ebike not only delivers a safe and comfortable ride, but it also has a number of features that you should look into before buying it.

1) Frame and Motor

This Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike – Lesoos FatSky is equipped with an LED multifunctional backlit display, mechanical Disc Brakes, high-quality batteries with LED indicators, and folding aluminum alloy pedals. The mentioned Lesoos FatSky folding e-bike also has a 500-watt high-speed brushless gear motor with a 7-Stage variable speed controller. It developed around a lightweight and yet strong Aluminum alloy frame. It is 29.5 Kg in weight and the frame can support a load of up to 180kg.

2) Battery

The Lesoos FatSky comes with a 48V 12.5Ah removable lithium battery that’s integrated into the frame with a black hard plastic shell. You also get a smart battery charger for fast charging that will charge your bike fully within 4 to 6 hours. The battery did a good job holding onto a charge for a decent amount of time and that’s more than enough for daily commuting.

3) Working Modes

The Lesoos FatSky comes with 3 working modes. There are Pure electric mode, Intelligent 3 level pedal-assist mode, and manual mode (pedaling). You can speed up to 37 miles (pure electric) or 50 miles range (pedal assist) per charge. You can extend the range of your day’s riding by switching from pure electric-only to the motor giving you a push as you pedal.

4) Display

The Fatsky comes with a beautiful multifunction display that provides travel information such as speed, mileage, and power. The backlit display shows you how much juice is left in the battery, the speed you are going, calculate how many miles you ride, and view the current average speed or speed.

5) Other Features

FatSky has more surface area contact with the ground than conventional bikes, providing enhanced traction, stability, and a smoother ride. It has 4″ puncture-resistant fat tires and dual lights and a brake system. The headlights and unique LED circle keep you in sight, while the taillights provide a stable and bright pattern when the lights are activated.


Lesoos Fatsky is a truly comfortable Folding Electric Bike that offers a high-quality ride. However, if you are looking for an alternative then you should consider 14 inch Folding bicycle – Lesoos PowerSky. It offers a powerful 400W motor, lightweight frame, removable 48V 15Ah removable lithium battery, and 3 riding modes. It offers to speed up to 65 miles (pure electric) or 100 miles range (pedal assist) per charge. Shock absorption, a dual brake system, to ensure the rider to ride safely and stably, folding armrest are some features that will you got in the PowerSky.


The Lesoos Fatsky is a highly convenient and versatile Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike that offers plenty of features and a quality ride. Lesoos Fatsky is worth every penny thanks to its lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame, folding design, thick, ultra-strong alloy wheels, advanced high-quality removable battery, puncture Resistant Fat Tire, and 3 working modes.


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