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Effective link building exercises reward you with a healthy link profile. Having such a link profile brings you into the good books of Google. This alleviates the concerns of your site being penalized or deindexed for having resorted to unfair means for getting your backlinks. In comparison, spammy link profiles are what you should distance yourself from the word go. The thumb rule for success in link building is that you should never perform any act to manipulate search results. Here, we have collated some guiding principles to help you get the positive search engine results you seek.

What to Avoid in Link Building Campaigns?

Ethical link building gives good returns for all your hard work and is the right way to go. Your link profile should not have any sneaky, unnatural, low-quality links to snatch away the credibility and relevance of your brand. Never indulge in unethical link change processes or buy links – they may seem as easy means of promoting your brand but will boomerang in a bad way. White hat link building from OutreachMonks can help you attain the main goal of investing in Search Engine Optimization, which is to get natural links to avoid any penalty from Google. With this in view, you may want to avoid:

Purchased links

In most cases, paid links are discounted by popular search engines like Bing and Google in organic search results. They have tools for detecting the links that have been paid for and those that are earned.  It is common to find search engines detecting the patterns point towards any foul play. In case you are found trading in followed links, you can be severely penalized and your SERP ranking will reduce drastically. Outreach Monks: Link Building Company of high repute, help you build relevant and niche-specific backlinks from high authority sites and blogging platforms to increase your search rank manifold.

Avoid Link Exchanges or Reciprocal linking

In case you’ve received an email requesting link exchange from someone you don’t know, then avoid it at all cost. Such spam emails serve as baits for link exchange and bring big problems with them. Cross-linking is discouraged by Google’s quality guidelines. The search engine giant also discourages partner programs that are conducted exclusively for this purpose. Though it requires large scale reciprocal linking to raise the alarm, it’s best to stay away from this method of link building. You may want to check out different link building software solutions that can place you in front of your competition without having to resort to such means.

Low-authority Directory Links

Steer clear of pay-for-placement Internet directories that put up a legitimate front and look quite close to long lists of websites with descriptions. They are not credible resources of link building and can reduce your search engine results drastically.

Connect with White Label SEO Link Builders

Reach out to the years of experience and expertise of link building service and guest posting professionals at Outreach Monks. Get earned and editorial links to your website from authoritative pages and topically relevant sources. These experts use relevant and natural anchor text to bring in qualified traffic that’ll increase with time. Ask for a healthy mix of Nofollow and Dofollow links to trigger off your campaign with Outreach Monks, right away.


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