Nothing can destroy the success of a home-based business like not making enough money. You can read the full info here on how devastating it can be. Either way, a few percentage points can be the difference between success or failure when it comes to generating profit. If you’re in the early days of your business, being profitable is even more important because you need to be able to overcome the costly mistakes that all newbies encounter.

Don’t run paid ads right away

You’ve probably watched a few YouTube videos and maybe even taken a course on how to get traffic to your new home-based business. Many of those people probably suggested that you run out and buy Facebook ads. Don’t do it. You’ll come out a big-time loser in the end.

If you run Facebook ads without understanding how to convert traffic into customers, you’re only going to make Facebook rich. Before you spend a single cent on an advertisement, you must understand what makes people buy. If you don’t understand how to get someone to buy from you, it doesn’t matter how many ads you purchase; you’re still going to lose money.

The best thing to do is to learn how to get free organic traffic either from Google or social media sites such as Facebook and figure out how to convert it. After you’ve learned how to turn those clicks into customers, then you buy advertisements. If you don’t have any idea how to convert free traffic, you’ll never turn a paid click into a customer.

Track everything from start to finish

There should be no part of the process that you can’t track. Sure, if you’re a beginner, you aren’t going to have the money to buy tracking software, and that’s understandable. After you start to generate money, you need to invest it into software that tracks a person from the very time they land on your page until they click to buy.

You can start by using Google Analytics, which is free and it gives you plenty of information. You’ll want to move onto a paid tool after that to track what a person does when they hit your landing page and if they are getting hung up anywhere. Heat maps are great tools, and so are link trackers that will follow a person from start to finish when they click on your page until they reach their final destination.

If you aren’t tracking your potential customers, you don’t know where they are getting stuck. You might find that people want to join your newsletter, but they are getting confused by all the buttons and the video at the top of your landing page. It might be best to move up your subscription box or even make it a popup to help you get more subscribers. You won’t know any of this information if you don’t have a way of tracking the behavior when they visit your site.

Don’t fall in love with one product

Let’s say that you’re promoting an herbal weight loss supplement, and you’re not happy with your conversions. You talk to a few people online in the same space, and their conversion rates are half yours. What do you do? Well, you could and should see if there is any way to improve your conversions. You might want to change your landing page your blogging method, or do something else to try to get people to convert better.

Sometimes, the only thing that you can do is try another product. If people are saying they are converting twice as good as you are, you should check to see what they’re selling. It could be that what you’re promoting isn’t something people want to buy. If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter how much lipstick you put on the pig; it’s still a pig. Try promoting something else and see if you can make more money with it.

Never stop split testing to get the best results

A/B split testing is essential if you want to maximize your profits with the traffic you’re getting. Right now, if you’re a beginner, split testing might seem really far out there, but it isn’t. It simply means that you try different landing pages or different layouts and see which converts the best. What you’re trying to do is see which method converts traffic better. The one thing you need to understand is what works today won’t work five years from now. You can’t set it and forget it if you’re promoting offers as a home-based business.

You will notice over the years that there are trends that come and go online. Colors, textures, and anything else you can imagine come and go. What you need to do is be on top of your game and understand what people are into. If you can tap into the current trends, you can be one step ahead of your competition and make more money than them.



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