The Internet offers many different types of business and earning opportunities. The best thing about online businesses is the need for little or no investment. There are many courses and coaches that promise to teach you the secrets of making money online.

Abdul and Chance are the latest addition to the ever growing list with a course called “The Modern Millionaires”.

Let’s analyze the course and see if it’s a legit program or just another scam.

Is “Modern Millionaires” legit?

The very first thing to look for in any of these online courses is the method. Are they teaching a proper skill or just telling you to do meaningless stuff like signing up new members (like all of those MLM schemes). The Modern Millionaires promises to teach you the skill of generating leads. You will learn how to generate traffic, target potential customers, and convert them into qualified leads. 

If you know anything about business, you will know that this method is not only legit, but you will be learning some of the most sought after skills. 

How much does Modern Millionaires cost?

This is probably the trickiest part. The entry fee of the course is less than $10. If that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You do not get the entire thing in just $10. This nominal fee is used only to distract time wasters or spammers. 

Once you get inside the course, you are introduced to many different options. The guys have their own proprietary tools so you are not going to get the complete set cheaply. Not to forget the cost of running PPC ads because paid traffic is going to be the biggest source of leads. 

Who is Abdul and Chance?

Abdul and Chance are the creators and coaches of the course but it’s very different from some other courses on the internet. Most of those courses consist of nothing but pre-recorded videos and guides that are hardly ever updated. You are usually left on your own. The Modern Millionaires is different in a way that Abdul and Chance are very active in the community. You will see a new workshop or Zoom call where you can join and talk to one of these guys directly. And these are not the only coaches. The course and community has many other admins and coaches, as well as some very helpful senior members, so you do not have to wait for days before getting a response.   

Modern Millionaires YouTube Channel:

The course and FB groups are for members only so it’s hard for someone looking to purchase the course to get an idea. The easiest way is to go to their YouTube channels and have a look at some of those videos. You will find interviews and video testimonials from some successful students. You will also find Abdul and Chance discussing things about success in life and business in general. You can also see these guys appearing on other podcasts and YouTube channels for interviews. This is all because Modern Millionaires have a very valid business model (i.e. lead generation). If lead generation is not your cup of tea, you can find many different ideas or ways to make money online at this blog.

Modern Millionaires BBB:

Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau are two of the most reliable review platforms on the web. And Modern Millionaires seem to have very respectable ratings and reviews on these. For example, the Trustpilot listing has more than 70 reviews with an average 4.8 rating, which is impressive. The BBB listing has a similar score, which shows that more than enough students or course participants have seen some sort of success.

Modern Millionaires Course Review:  

Let’s talk about the course contents. There are four modules in the course, starting from the foundational work in the first module to traffic generation in the second and lead nurturing in the third. The fourth module is actually the most important because it teaches you how to automate the entire process. Automation allows you to scale and grow your business without working overtime.

All things considered, the Modern Millionaires is a legit training program and far from being a scam. It’s true that not all students will end up with six figure businesses but there’s enough potential in the business idea to help lots of people build profitable businesses from their home.



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